Westlake Police Blotter Sept. 2

Westlake Police Report $607 cash went AWOL from a Rose Rd. home on the night of Aug. 22. The homeowner found the greenbacks missing and suspects that a Bay Village male (friend of her boyfriend’s son) who was sent on his way from the house that night might be involved. She got nowhere when she repeatedly called and went to that male’s home; the police investigation continues.

Residents of Avon Rd. in Avon were annoyed by a male knocking on their doors at 12:47AM on Aug. 23. He wanted to use their phone to get help pulling his car out of the ditch. He turned out to be an intoxicated 26-year-old Cleveland man whose girlfriend’s car had crashed on the Westlake end of that road. Don’t be silly, he wasn’t driving; “Javon Blackwell” was. The dispatcher and supervisor on duty were shocked, simply shocked, when they could not locate such a person in the BMV files. He was arrested for DCI since no one had seen him driving; good luck explaining about Javon to the car’s owner.

August 24, 5:29PM:  A Center Ridge Rd. saloonkeeper reported an elderly male was in the premises with a young child soliciting money so that the kid could go to visit his grandmother out of town; granny supposedly had a recent heart attack.  A patron recognized the beggars as being the same pair he had seen at Westgate Mall the previous week trying to raise money for another reason. The adult male pretended he was deaf in that instance. Before WPD was called, the pair left in a newer white pickup truck that was driven by a female.

An Elyria woman brought a bottle of her favorite tipple to the area in front of the Regal Theater on Aug. 24 at 6:10PM. She was already intoxicated and so was arrested for DCI and Open Container.

A 19-year-old NY woman thought she got away with stealing $30 of groceries from Giant Eagle on Aug. 24 at 7:54PM. The investigating officer spotted her getaway car the next afternoon while he was offduty and followed it until it was stopped by Avon Lake PD. The contrite suspect claimed to have forgotten her wallet. She was arrested for Petty Theft.

Well-brought up people have probably never heard of “yahooing” beer. Your writer is not one of them. This crime involves grabbing what canned suds one can carry, running out the store’s door and yelling “Yahoo!” as one exits. 3 gas stations in the NW corner of Westlake were plagued by such behavior (admittedly without the yahoo yell) on Aug. 25 between 2:30PM-2:48PM. In each incident, multiple males fled with their arms full of cold ones.

As is so often the case, they went back to the well (cooler? display?) one too many times on Aug. 27. They stole more foamy amber liquids from a Clemens Rd. gas station, but had the great misfortune to do it in front of an offduty WPD officer, who radioed his onduty colleagues. The suspects were stopped on Detroit Rd. and arrested. They are 33 and 21-year-old Cleveland men and a 23-year-old Gates Mills man. They face Petty Theft and RSP charges.

A Bay Village man’s $500 bike was taken from his Bassett Rd. workplace on Aug. 25 between 4:30PM-8:20PM. It was not locked; he did have a Bay Village bike license. That allowed the bike serial number and other relevant descriptors to be entered into the National Crime Information Center.

A 15-year-old girl was taken to the County detention home after a Domestic Violence arrest at her Dover Center Rd. home on Aug. 27 at 3:58PM. She had thrown a glass at her mother, then showered mom and the arresting officers with a barrage of vulgar epithets. She is also suspected of ingesting another household member’s Rx medications.

A Detroit Rd. business was forcibly entered by pushing a fan through a window on the night of Aug. 27. $550 in cash was taken; no suspects.

$200 worth of golf clubs and accessories were taken from a Woodmill Dr. garage on the night of Aug. 28. The pedestrian door may have been left ajar; no suspects.

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