Davidson Family Visits Lake Erie Harley


What a ride for Mike Stevens and his team at Lake Erie Harley!

The premier northeast Ohio dealership located on Chester Road in Avon was visited last week by Bill and Karen Davidson, the great-grandson and great-granddaughter of one of the original founders of the company, William A. Davidson.


They stopped by as they traveled “home” for H-D’s 110th anniversary celebration taking place in Milwaukee, headquarters of H-D since 1903.  The celebration was August 29- September 1, and attracted more than 100,000 motorcycles.

“It was just an honor to have them here,” said Stevens. “This was the only stop they made in Ohio.

A long line of fans and guests awaited a chance to meet the celebrities, bringing mementos to autograph.

This ride which, included other H-D executives, started at H-D’s York, Pa Factory which is where the majority of H-Ds are made.  Bill Davidson literally took a brand new Harley-Davidson right off the assembly line to ride on the trip.  Along the trip to Milwaukee, they stopped at several H-D dealerships, though  Lake Erie Harley-Davidson was the only Ohio dealership that the Davidsons stopped at.  Upon arriving in Milwaukee, the H-D that Bill rode was placed in the Harley-Davidson Museum.  Monday, August 19, H-D unveiled a new liquid and air cooled engine available on several models which will offer increased performance among other many other significant features.

Lake Erie Harley-Davidson President and Owner Mike Stevens and his wife, Tina,   joined the Davidsons on their trip to the 110th celebration in Milwaukee.

Lake Erie Harley-Davidson, was founded in 1939 as the Elyria Harley-Davidson Sales Company.  Next year Lake Erie Harley-Davidson will celebrate its 75th anniversary as a family owned and operated Harley-Davidson dealership.

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