Westlake Police: Senior Scammed for $9300


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Westlake Police report that an 84-year-old Bay Village woman withdrew $9300 from her bank account on Oct. 4 after receiving a phone call from a “police officer.” The caller reported that her granddaughter had been arrested for drug charges and needed bail money. When the victim tried to make another withdrawal on Oct. 5 at another bank where she has an account, the teller became suspicious and called WPD and the granddaughter, who of course was not in jail. No suspects.


Trees a Crowd


A King James Pkwy. man reported that 6 trees in the rear of his property had been cut down sometime Oct. 3-4. A neighbor was found to have hired another male to cut them down, thinking that the trees were his or a third neighbor’s who also wanted them removed. The City Prosecutor will rule on the matter.


Do-Over Requested

A 34-year-old Cleveland man was arrested on Oct. 5 for Theft after stealing jewelry from a Farrs Garden Path where he was doing some remodeling. He tried to give it back to the homeowner after WPD arrived, but they do not allow “do-overs”, especially when they find more stolen jewelry in his truck.


Construction Heist


A 1996 International dump truck (value $47,000) belonging to a contractor was used to steal construction equipment from a Clemens Rd. jobsite on the night of Oct. 12. The truck was backed inside the building and hit a steel beam before being loaded with the missing property and driven away. Various contractors are still taking inventory of what was stolen.


Sleeping Beauty

Like Goldilocks, a 26-year-old Cleveland man found a Union St. bus stop to be just right for an intoxicated snooze on Oct. 4 at 8:17PM. When an officer tried to rouse Sleeping Beauty; he became belligerent and was arrested for DCI.


Miscellaneous Misdeeds

A Center Ridge Rd. business was burgled on the night of Oct. 4 by unknown suspect(s) who forced open a side door after cutting the phone and electrical lines. $160 cash was taken. An adjoining firm was also forcibly entered through a side door. $130 cash and 3 bottles of water were taken.

Two 54-year-old neighbors in a Center Ridge Rd. trailer park fought after a parking dispute on Oct. 5 at 11:22PM. Rocks were thrown, a cane was swung, and a commotion ensued. The City Prosecutor will rule on whether any charges will be filed.

Baldness may constitute a detriment to one’s looks, but it is a much more serious matter for tires. A 26-year-old Cleveland woman learned this the hard way on Oct. 6 at 4:24PM when her left rear tire blew out on I90 eastbound near Crocker Rd. Her 1996 Nissan went into the ditch after that. Officers found that the left front tire was bald as well. She was cited for Failure to Control, Driving Under Suspension, and Unsafe Vehicle.

A 2012 Lincoln MKZ turned up missing during an Oct. 7 inventory at the Nick Mayer car dealership on Center Ridge Rd.  A salesman has been seen driving it; he has not reported for work since Oct. 5.

A wallet with several credit cards was taken from a 2006 Saturn Vue while it was parked in a Hidden Acres driveway. One of the cards was used at the Redbox kiosk at Dover Center-Center Ridge Rds. to rent DVDs and a game. No suspects and no signs of forced entry to the vehicle.

A Taurus-brand .380 semiautomatic pistol was a taken from an unlocked 2012 VW Passat while it was parked in the owner’s Balsam Dr. driveway. A pair of sunglasses was also taken; the theft occurred on the night of Oct. 8.

7 vehicles had tires slashed on the night of Oct. 8 while they were parked at a Sperry Dr. hotel. No suspects.

A city worker found that unknown suspect(s) set fire to a paper towel dispenser inside the mens room at Roman Park on Ranney Pkwy. on Oct. 10 at 3:50PM. The light fixtures were severely damaged and the whole room was filled with smoke when the employee opened the door. Heavy smoke damage was also apparent. No suspects.

A 40-year-old woman refused to leave St. John Medical Center on Oct. 12 at 2:20PM unless, in her own words, “it was in handcuffs”. When the handcuffs showed up (on the belt of a WPD officer), she skulked away without further incident.

A 32-year-old man popped by the Westlake police station on Oct. 13 at 12:24PM saying he knew he was wanted by some police agency somewhere for something or other. Obliging dispatch staff checked and found warrants from North Olmsted and Brooklyn PDs. He was turned over to the former.

2 unlocked vehicles were entered in a Courtland Meadows driveway on the night of Oct. 13. A pair of sunglasses, DVDs, and a wallet with a credit card were taken; no suspects.

$10 cash was taken from an unlocked Avon women’s 2011 Toyota on the night of Oct. 13. It was parked in an Oakwood Ln. driveway; no suspects.


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