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Distraction Burglar Strikes in Westlake

An elderly Arthur Ave. couple was the victim of a distraction burglary on Nov. 18. A black SUV (possibly a Lincoln) parked in the driveway at 11:30AM and suspect #1 came to the door. He is described as possibly Italian, dark skinned white male in his 50’s , 6’0″ 170 lbs, with a goatee and having a facial cut from a razor, dressed in blue jacket and pants. He had the male resident come outside to show him some utility work that would supposedly be done. Suspect #2 (described as 5’08″, heavy build, wearing blue jacket and pants and a knit cap and scarf worn to conceal his face) then snuck into the home and was surprised by the female resident. He had her flush toilets and run water while both suspects communicated with each other via purple walkie-talkies. A bottle of Rx pills was taken. The couple reported the matter to WPD on 11-24-13 after seeing media reports of similar incidents elsewhere in Cuyahoga County.


RTA Lot Thefts

Catalytic converters were stolen off of 3 vehicles at the RTA lot on Sperry Dr. on Nov. 15 during the day. Victims were a Westlake woman (2006 Honda Pilot), an Avon man (2005 Honda Pilot), and a second Avon man (1997 Toyota Tacoma). RTA PD was advised about the thefts; no suspects.  On Nov. 21, a Westlake woman reported that there had been an unsuccessful attempt to steal her catalytic converter, also on Nov. 15 at the same location.


Too Much to Drink

An intoxicated 47-year-old North Olmsted man was sitting close to the roadway on Center Ridge Rd. at 6:36PM and 7:58PM on Nov. 16, alarming passers-bye. He could not be found upon the first report, but was in the second instance. He was wet, muddy from neck to toe, and had no jacket on, despite the cold. He was arrested for DCI; in the jail, he refused to accept that he could not call a cab to take him home and grabbed/displayed his genitals to jail staff.  Perhaps David Niven’s crack about the “shortcomings” of a streaker at the 1974 Academy awards would resound here too.

An Elyria woman’s 2001 Ford Taurus had a dent put in the roof on Nov. 17 around 3PM after unknown suspect(s) threw a pumpkin off a parking garage on Main St.

A 21-year-old Brooklyn man was arrested for Obstructing Official Business on Nov. 17 at a relative’s Park Pl. home. A female resident (supposedly 17-years-old) had been reported missing; it turns out she was just fine and is 19-years-old, but her family does not approve of her keeping company with her boyfriend. The suspect became irate and refused orders to move back from the officers.

A 28-year-old Lorain woman reported being assaulted by her fiancé’s boss on Nov. 18 at 2:30AM. She found her beau passed out at the 30-year-old boss’s Hunters Chase Dr. apartment. She says the boss hit her and shoved after she tried to awaken her beloved; the boss man says the woman became irate when he told her to stop slapping her fiancé to get him up. The woman suffered a fat lip. The City Prosecutor will review the case.

$105 cash was taken from a Bay Village man’s locked locker at the Recreation Center on Nov. 23 between 2P-3P. The locker was still locked when he returned after a swim; no suspects.

A LA man and woman and a TX woman had numerous items of clothing and jewelry stolen from his 2009 Chevrolet pickup while it was parked at the Regal theater on Nov. 23 from 7:30PM until 12:22AM the next morning. Pink suitcases, a Browns briefcase, shoes, jewelry, and an IPod (min. total value $1050) were taken from the passenger compartment. No signs of forced entry and no suspects.


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