Child Pedestrian Fear Incident in Bay

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On 11/26/2013, at 1550 hrs, a Welshire resident contacted BVPD because her 12 yoa son and his 13 yoa friend were walking home from school down West Oakland near Beach Lane when a car intentionally swerved at them, causing them to dive out of the way into a tree lawn.  The vehicle then stopped, and backed up toward them.  This vehicle then pulled into a driveway.  Immediately after this a second vehicle came driving down the road, and swerved at them.  The boys ran to a nearby friend’s house and called police.  As a result of the investigation, an 18 yoa male will be facing several traffic charges at RRMC, and a 16 yoa male will face traffic charges at CCJC.
On 11/26/2013, at 1251 hrs, a Cahoon Rd. resident called BVPD to the report the father of her baby was just at her house and kicked the door in.  BVPD responded to the area but the suspect had fled the area prior to police arrival.  The male later came to BVPD and spoke with officers.  The 24 yoa male will face charges for Criminal Damage and Criminal Trespassing at RRMC.
On 11/26/2013, at 1122 hrs, an Elmwood resident called to report her father was out walking her Chihuahua on Kenilworth, when it was attacked by a mixed breed dog.  The Chihuahua sustained severe injuries, and was rushed to the Veterinary Clinic for treatment.  Police have identified the owner and are investigating.
On 12/01/2013, at 0020 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Wolf Rd. near Sutcliff.  After speaking with the juvenile occupants, the officer suspected some or all of them had been drinking.  Field sobriety tests were administered.  As a result, it was determined the driver had not been drinking, but the two passengers had.  They were turned over to their parents and will face charges at CCJC.


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