Traffic Woes Tie Up Christmas Eve in Westlake

Westlake Police logoChristmas Eve was certainly a wild and wooly affair as far as traffic was concerned. Between 9:45AM and 1:45PM, WPD checked on 13 crashes and 5 spinouts, mostly on I-90.


A 90-year-old Bradley Rd. woman was found to be a Domestic Violence victim on Dec. 23 at 6:54PM after being taken to St. John Medical Center by out of town family. She had not been properly cared for, had lost weight, and had bruises on her forehead. Her 56-year-old son who is her primary caretaker was arrested for Dom. Violence. Adult Protective Services was brought in to assist the family.


5 vehicles were broken into on the evening of Dec. 23 at a Detroit Rd. restaurant. Items such as briefcases, checkbooks, jewelry, chocolates, cash, credit cards, and Ipads were taken after windows were broken. No suspects.


A 42-year-old Hilliard Blvd. man claimed sanctuary on Dec. 24 at 4:25AM after being stopped for OVI in his driveway. He reported that he had a few drinks (supposedly he is a bar owner), that he could not be arrested in his driveway, and that he pays the officer’s taxes. All for naught; he was arrested for OVI and speed; he refused a breath test.


A patrol officer came upon a suspect fighting with 2 loss prevention staffers in front of a Detroit Rd. store on Dec. 26 at 4:42PM. He kept fighting and was finally subdued, then gave false ID information.


He had stolen gloves and wallets valued at $154.00; in his pocket were a knife and a syringe. He was eventually found to be a 22-year-old Cleveland man and faces Robbery, MisID, and Possession of Drug


Abuse Instruments charges, plus he has active warrants from North Olmsted PD and the State Highway Patrol. One of the loss prevention employees suffered some cuts and scrapes during the arrest.

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