Lee Burneson Students Earn National Math Honors

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Lee Burneson Middle School in Westlake placed fifth in Ohio out of 48 schools in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC 8), a national math competition designed to promote the development and enhancement of problem-solving skills.

 The middle school also was one of 16 schools to earn the School Merit Roll Distinction for its team score – the highest in the last three years. Individually, Angela Zhu and Sean Rossander earned Honor Roll status for placing in the top 5 percent nationally. Patrick Lee placed first at the school level, while Patrick and Ryan Karpuszka each earned the National Award of Distinction for placing in the top 1 percent in the nation.

 Students in the top percentage of scorers in Ohio include:

·         Patrick Lee

·         Ryan Karpuszka

·         Angela Zhu

·         Sean Rossander

·         Lalitaditya Kulshreshtha

·         Akshyasri Dhinakaran

·         Sanil Gosain

·         Kyle Zubricky

·         Paola Del Rincon Martinez

·         Maria Alamir

·         Yuhui Wu

·         Miranda Li

·         Allison Routhier

·         Patrick Smith

·         Amin Boukzam

·         Liv Adkins

·         Mihir Shetty

·         Matthew Vulku

·         Meghana Tandon

·         Gabriela Kosakowski

·         Kyle Yu

·         Albert Zhou

·         Catherine Cirincione

·         Daniel Mather

·         Chad Sargent

LBMS math teachers who prepared students for the exam were Michael Bee, Anne Dill, Lindsay Kiktavy, Sue Laposky, Mary Mann, Sue Weitzel and Michael Wooley.

 AMC 8 is a 25-question, 40-minute math competition that takes place each November. This year there were 150,000 participants across the nation, including more than 300 students from LBMS.