Westlake TechMate wins national title in Inventors Competition.

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Tech Directions magazine has just released the best entries of the annual Inventors Award competition.  This year’s challenge called for students to devise ways to generate power in the kind of emergency situations that arise in the wake of natural disasters, such as hurricanes and tornadoes.

Winning first place and the national title was Westlake High School  senior T & E student CHRIS TSUEI.  Tsuei invented an integrated plug-in system of piezoelectric roof shingles that together capture the energy in falling precipitation, common in storm situations.

Senior ROBERT SLATER garnered an honorable mention for his above-the-clouds solar panel system.  The competition was judged by inventor and electrical engineer Harry Roman.

The article, illustrations, and a full description of all the top inventions can be seen on the TechDirections magazine online version – click on link below (see page 16)…


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