Westlake Police: The Bare Facts

Westlake Police logoWestlake Police arrested a 43-year-old Center Ridge Rd. woman for DCI after an argument with her 52-year-old beau. The male admitted the officers to the apartment, whereupon the intoxicated female stepped out of the shower without a stitch on. She was advised to get dressed. She then demanded that the male leave and take his cats with him and became increasingly belligerent. She was also found to have an active NOPD warrant.


Speed Bump?

A 43-year-old Westlake nearly fell into Detroit Rd. traffic on May 30 at 10:30AM. An officer caught him as he keeled over backwards; he was arrested for DCI.


Underwear Thief

Once again, the Invisible Man of shoplifting struck at a Main St. store on June 2 between 2P-5:30P. 28 bras and 10 pair of underwear were stolen from a display, and nobody saw nothing no how.


Too Many Prescriptions

A 33-year-old North Ridgeville woman was seen at St. John Medical Center on June 7 at 9:45PM for a dental issue. A check of state pharmacy records showed her to have received 100s of prescribed pain killer pills in the past 11 months, including 120 on May 28. She was unable to account for such extensive use; the city prosecutor will consider a possible charge of Attempted Deception to Obtain Dangerous Drugs.


Identity Thefts

A Muirfield Way couple was notified by the IRS that a phony return had been filed using their identities. They in turn came to WPD on June 3. A resident of St. Andrews got the same bad news the same day, except that his Ohio tax return had also been falsified.



A trio of 17-year-old Bay Village boys parked at a Viking Pkwy. Business on June 2 at 4:35PM and traipsed off into some woods. This did not sit well with an employee, who called WPD. The car’s owner was contacted and came to the scene; she called her son, who appeared presently. He was cited for POM and Trespass, and then turned over to mom for further action. The other two were located nearby and charged with the same offenses, plus one of them had a pot pipe and cigarettes on him. That contraband added Underage Possession of Tobacco and Possession of Drug paraphernalia to his woes.


Car Stuff

A 3:08AM nap in the parking lot of a Detroit Rd. saloon yielded a DCI citation for an intoxicated 35-year-old Lakewood woman on June 1. An officer found her asleep inside her car; a friend who lives nearby came to the scene to get her.

The driver’s side window of a 2008 Isuzu truck was damaged by a thrown TV set sometime on June 2or 3 while it was parked at a Canterbury Rd. business. Entry was not gained to the vehicle; no suspects.

A 2009 Hyundai Elantra driven by a 47-year-old Fairview Park man hit a fence at the Hilliard Blvd.-Lincoln Rd. intersection on June 6 at 10:46PM. The driver was not hurt, but the car caught fire. WFD responded and put the fire out. The driver was arrested for OVI, BAC (.198) by breath) and Failure to Control.

The occupants of a gold color car (possibly a Buick Park Ave.) tore down a shade structure near the Rec. Center playground on June 6 at apprx. 11PM. The damage was caught on CCTV. It appears that 3 females and 4 males were the culprits.

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