Semiautomatic Round Found on Westlake School Bus

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A Westlake City Schools bus driver found a cartridge for a .380auto firearm on the floor of bus 11 while sweeping the vehicle after the AM run this date. That bus carries students from Lee Burneson Middle School and Parkside Intermediate School.

All students who rode that bus either at dismissal on 6-10-14 or this AM were interviewed by Westlake PD officers. Their lockers were checked by school staff; no weapon was found and no one professed any knowledge of the incident.

The investigation continues. Parents who have that caliber ammunition in the home or a weapon which chambers such are strongly urged to check that such items are properly secured. Also, those parents should have a serious talk with their children about today’s incident. It is also a good time for all parents to talk about gun safety with their children.

Anonymous tips about this matter or any Westlake school safety issue may be called into the Safe Schools Helpline at 440.250.1199.