Summer Alert from Bay Police

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Summertime is a peak time for car break-ins. With the following tips and a little common sense, we can keep Bay Village residents safe from thieves.

1)  Lock your doors. The vast majority of our break-ins are from unlocked vehicles. We have few car windows broken because it would draw too much attention to the criminal activity.

2)  Hide your valuables. If a criminal looks inside and sees a wallet, purse, laptop, prescription bottle, etc. you are a TARGET. If they see nothing, they will move on.

3)  Completely close windows and sun roofs.

4)  Get an alarm. If you have an alarm, set it!

5)  Do NOT leave your keys in your car. Even if they are hidden, thieves generally know where to look.

6) Think about adding a motion detector light to your driveway.

7)  If you are out shopping, stash your items in the trunk while shopping and always park under parking lot lights.

8)  Add physical security to your vehicle. Add a “Club” or other physical defense.

9)  Active your vehicle’s protection options (Onstar, Blue Link etc.) Many newer cars have GPS location devices that can monitor the vehicle’s location if stolen. Some even have an option that can slow and stop a vehicle if stolen.

And always…

Call police right away if you see anyone suspicious.

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