Bay Village Police Report 06/23/2014

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Burglaries Reported Throughout City: Lock Your Cars & Homes

On 06/16/2014, at 1735 hrs, a Crestview resident contacted BVPD to report someone had stolen a blank personal check from her house, made the check out for $200, and cashed it.  Police have a suspect and are investigating.

During the early morning hours of 06/18/2014, several unlocked cars were entered in the area of East Oakland between Fordham and Bay Fair Ct.  Cash, loose change, credit cards, and checkbooks were some of the items stolen.  BVPD reminds residents to please remove valuables from your vehicles and make sure they are locked.

On 06/18/2014, at 1624 hrs, Avon Lake PD called to report they were on the phone with a motorist who was following a possible OVI on Lake Rd. that was about to enter Bay Village.  A BVPD officer located the vehicle and stopped it on Lake Rd. near Porter Creek.  Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, it was determined the driver of the vehicle was suffering from a medical problem.  BVFD was contacted, and the male driver was treated at the scene.

On 06/18/2014, at 1718 hrs, a Midland resident called to report someone had just stolen her son’s bike.  After an investigation, the bike and a juvenile suspect were located.  Charges are pending.

On 06/20/2014, at 0619 hrs, a Forestview resident called to report her unlocked vehicle had been stolen overnight.  The owner stated there was a spare set of keys left in the vehicle.  At 0950 hrs, Cleveland PD called to report they recovered the vehicle on West 6th St. and Huron.  The vehicle was towed back to BVPD for processing.  Police are investigating.

On 06/20/2014, at 0703 hrs, an East Oakland resident called to report her house had been burglarized overnight and her purse had been stolen.  While conducting a neighborhood canvas as part of the burglary investigation, officers located another resident in the neighborhood who had been burglarized overnight.  Several small electronic devices were stolen.  Police are investigating.

Several unlocked cars were also entered overnight in the same area.  Police ask if anyone saw or heard anything to please contact BVPD at 440-871-1234.

On 06/22/2014, at 1420 hrs, a Vineland resident called to report he had lost his wallet earlier in the day.  Someone used his credit cards to make $700.00 worth of purchases at a Shell gas station and a Home Depot.  Police are investigating.

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