Bay Village Police: Scam Alerts

bay police logo 130121011959_bay-village-police-300x168On 06/27/2014, at 0957 hrs, BVPD received a call from a female resident on Bradley Rd. She had sold an item on Craig’s List. She received a check for an amount which exceeded the agreed upon price. Sender told her to deposit the check and send back the difference. She received a call from the Moneygram fraud department and was told the check is a scam. The sender has told her it is not a scam and she should keep trying to find someplace that will accept it. She lost no money and still has the item in her possession. The caller was advised by the BVPD this situation, check received for an amount greater than the actual price, is typically an indication of a scam being attempted.


On 06/27/2014, at 2146 hrs, a resident on Knickerbocker called to say about 3-4 years ago he began getting phone calls about contests to enter and win a lot of money. These contests apparently originated out of Jamaica. Caller claimed he sent thousands of dollars to these “contests” and never got anything from it. Now, he is getting calls again from someone saying they are looking into this for him, but need more money to do it. He is sending $20-$40 at a time and is not sure how much he has now sent. Advised it was a scam and he needs to stop. Also encouraged to file a police report.


Homeless Man Draws Complaints

On 06/26/2014, at 1945 hrs, BVPD began receiving complaints about a suspicious male that was walking around Bay Square that was giving patrons a hard time. Police responded, and eventually located the male in front of Subway. The male claimed to homeless, and had taken a bus to Bay Village, but had no money to catch a bus back to Cleveland. He was panhandling in an attempt to get bus fare. The homeless male declined a ride back to the shelter from the officers at the scene, and he was advised to leave the area. At 2047 hrs, more complaints were called in. The male was transported without incident back to the homeless shelter in Cleveland where he had been staying.

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