“Cable” Guy Disconnected in Westlake

Westlake Police logoA suspicious male entered a Detroit Rd. restaurant on June 20 at 1:30PM claiming that the cable system there needed a new part, report Westlake Police. He was not in uniform and could not produce any paperwork. He also could not find the part that needed replacing. Management followed up with the cable provider, who also could not verify that any such repairs were needed. The subject is described as a black male with short hair and a bald spot. He is  5’10” 150 lbs. clean-shaven. He wore a black t-shirt, blue jeans, neon green safety vest, white hard hat, and brown work boots. He was wearing an ID lanyard around his neck with the name “Josh.”


Credit Card Fraud  

A Seneca Dr. man’s credit card was used twice in Columbus in May for a total of $189 in illicit charges at a grocery store. He found the charges upon checking his statement and closed the account.


Debit Card Fraud

A Bradley Rd. woman was notified by her bank about a suspicious transaction on her debit card on June 23. Somebody charged $128 worth of items at a Troy, MI gas station. The account was closed.


Gassed Out, Passed Out

A 58-year-old Westlake woman passed out in the rain at a Columbia Rd. church on June 9:48PM. She had been there for some time when officers found her and was arrested for DCI.



A 26-year-old Parma man reported that he was assaulted by a 26-year-old Westlake man on June 26 around 2AM. The victim reported that the suspect confronted him and knocked him down at a Main St. bar; the victim’s cell phone was also damaged.


Car Recovered

A stolen 1997 Ford Taurus was recovered in a Detroit Rd. parking lot on June 26 at 6:43PM. It has a fictitious license plate on it and had been stolen in Cleveland. It had damaged windows and a flat tire; the interior was also damaged. CPD was notified of the recovery.

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