Bay Days Aftermath: Lots of Lost Items

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The Bay Village Police remind everyone that,  as is usually the case, MANY items were reported lost/missing by persons attending the 4th of July Bay Days festivities.

If you found something please turn it into the Bay Village Police Dept. at 28000 Wolf Road so they can hopefully locate the owner. A lot of property (car remote/keys, rings of keys, wallets, glasses, cell phones, etc.) did get turned in, and much of it is returned to the owner.

Unfortunately some of it does not get claimed, is logged into their property system and eventually destroyed. “If you lost something, please let us know, we might have it in our possession,” report Bay Police.

Traffic Summary

Fourth of July Fireworks attracted a larger than normal crowd. Bay Village Police and Bay Village Auxiliaries conducted traffic control. There were some glitches. The traffic signal at Bassett & Lincoln malfunctioned and went to 4-way red, but eventually all attendees were able to exit the city safely.

It was noted that despite the unusually long delay in clearing out the traffic the motoring public was patient and in good spirits.  There were no arrests or traffic crashes.