Bay Police Respond to Bay Days Ride Accident

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Bay Village Police responded to a report that a person fell off the ‘Salt & Pepper Shaker’ ride at Bay Days on July 4 at 2210 hours.

A witness reported they saw the incident.

Upon arrival, Police spoke with the victim, aged 38. According to Police reports, he stated he was sitting in the ride with his girl friend’s 8-year old child, waiting for the door to close, to secure them in, when “all of a sudden the ride began to rock back and forth.”

The report states the man said he grabbed for the child when ‘he, himself, was thrown from the ride.”

“He plunged onto a guard rail, from approximately 10-15 feet above the ground,” says the report. “He struck the right side of his face and left side of his body.”

The man “did have blood streaking down his right cheek and appeared to have some bumps on his forehead and scrapes along his legs.”

Bay Village Chief of Police, Mark Spaetzel,  who was on the scene, radioed for a squad. The man was transported to St. John Medical Center.

Police report they spoke with the child’s mother, who confirmed her boyfriend took the child on to the ride. “One attendant was trying to close and secure the door when the ride started. It began to rock back and forth. She yelled for the attendants to stop the ride and the one that started the ride (opposite her) didn’t shut it off right away.”

The police report states others in the crowd also yelled to shut off the ride. The woman the saw the man fall out of the ride and saw him land on the guard rail. She immediately called 9-1-1. “She said (the boy) was able to stay inside the ride and wasn’t injured, although he was extremely upset as to what he had witnessed.”

Bay Police report they spoke with the ride attendant, who said he was strapping the man on and hadn’t secured the door yet when, “All of sudden the ride started, knocking him out of the way.”

Police asked about ride protocol. “He (the attendant) told me there are two attendants, one for each side of the ride. Once he secures his riders, he’s supposed to walk over to the corner of the fenced in area and give the other attendant the thumbs up to let him/her know to start the ride.”

Bay Police also spoke with the second attendant, who said “once he secures his passengers  on his side, he’s supposed to look over at the other attendant to get the thumbs up to start the ride. He said he looked over thought he saw (the first attendant) giving him the OK. Therefore, he started the ride.”

The second attendant reports he did not see the man fall out of the ride. “He reiterated that he saw somebody in the corner, by the fence, and thought it was (the first attendant) giving him the go.”

Bay Police spoke with a carnival ride manager. He said that the “company that owns the carnival is McGuiness Amusements.” He added that if the victim was to be admitted to the hospital, he would have to file a report with the state of Ohio. Police advised him that he be prepared to file because a hospital admission “was more than likely.”

Chief Spaetzel advised the carnival manager to shut down the ride until it could be inspected. The carnival agreed.

Bay Police followed up with the victim the next morning. “He told me he was pretty well banged up and bruised,” reported Bay Police. “He said he felt like he’d been hit by a train. He told me his face and head were swollen and he had lacerations on his right cheek. He added that one of his fingers on his left hand felt like was broken because that’s what he used to try and hang on with.” He also said his left arm and shoulder were very sore. He had x-rays on his left hand, “but nothing was broken.” He said his glasses were broken as well.

Bay Village Police advised the man to contact them if he has any changes in his condition. He has been released from SJMC.

The case has been referred to the Bay Village Law Dept.

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