Bay Miscreants Invade Westlake

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Westlake Police report that several Bay Village residents have recently traveled south of the border to encounter trouble.

An intoxicated 25-year-old Bay Village man ran from a passing patrolman on Detroit Rd. at 2:43 a.m. on June 29. His choice of bushes to hide in proved inadequate and he was arrested for DCI.

Not to be outdone, a 24-year-old Bay Village man found himself more than waist deep in the Big Muddy as he stumbled along Crocker Rd. on June 30 at 6:58 p.m.. Somewhat the worse for drink, he stepped off the sidewalk and into a mud-filled rut as an officer watched. After being arrested for DCI, he was showered in the jail. The cruiser’s rear seat also needed a thorough hosing out.

Drunk & Topless

Pounding on doors, falling into bushes, staggering around Walter Rd., an intoxicated 49-year-old North Olmsted woman brought tons of scrutiny onto herself at 10:29 p.m. on June 29. When detained by officers, she took off her shirt for whatever reason and was arrested for DCI.

Craigslist Connection

A Lakemore man’s $600 cell phone fell out of his pocket on June 20 at Dave and Busters and was not turned in to lost and found. His wife found a very similar phone for sale on craigslist and the theft was reported to WPD on June 27. The listing had been removed when the officer checked for it.

Papers Stolen

A North Ridgeville man found that work papers were stolen from his 2006 Chrysler minivan on June 26 while it was parked at a First St. business. The driver’s door was forced open; no suspects.


A bank sent a Hummingbird Cr. man a letter about his new accounts on June 25. This was a surprise to him, as he had not done any business with that bank. The accounts were closed.

Punched Out

A 17-year-old Grafton boy was punched in the face after being asked to leave a Sentry Ln. party on the night of June 27.  He named a 17-year-old Westlake boy as the suspect; that juvenile said the victim started the fight.


A Cleveland woman’s 49-year-old uncle left a threatening message for her at her Center Ridge Rd. workplace on June 27. Uncle demanded money or he would kill her and her boyfriend. The City Prosecutor will rule on a possible Agg. Menacing charge.

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