Westlake in Bloom Winners 2014



Residential Landscaping – Small  – Entire Yard

            First Place:  Angela and Matt Fink

Second Place:  Dave Clements

Third Place:  Al and Dannielle Cavallaro

Honorable Mention:  Mary Beth Schneidler

Residential Landscaping – Small  – Front Yard Only

First  Place:  Mary Kim Elkins

Second Place:  Terry and Mary Schordock

Third Place:  Mary Beth and Jack Bedell

Honorable Mention:  Lisa B. Cerankosky

Residential Landscaping – Small  – Rear Yard Only

No entries

 Residential Landscaping ~ Medium – Entire Yard

First Place:  George and Diane Woyansky

Second Place:  Dave, Kathy, Sarah and

Andrew Presley

Third Place:  Susan Mulhern

Honorable Mention:  Dan and Kyle Radish

Residential Landscaping ~ Medium – Front Yard Only

First Place:  Crystal and Dan Doyle

Second Place:  Tony Grego

Third Place:  Robert and Annette Koenig

Residential Landscaping ~ Medium – Rear Yard Only

First Place:   Lan Le and Binh V. To

Second Place:  Martha and Jim Radca

Third Place:  Dan and Sally Koster

Residential Landscaping ~ Large – Entire Yard and

Rear Yard Only

First Place:   Terry and Rose Monnolly

Second Place:  Nancy Bole

Third Place:  Dale and Kathy Gyor

Residential Landscaping ~ Large – Front Yard Only

No entries

Evergreen Cemetery Fence Gardens

        First Place:  In Memory of Stanley and Dixie Dean

Second Place:  The Eberling Family

Third Place:  The Endress Family

Honorable Mention: The Coe, Barry, Ward and Hull


Hilliard Boulevard Flower Box

Best of the Boxes:  Dover Congregational Church

First Place:  King James Homeowners

Second Place: The Freeh Family

Third Place: Earth Laughs in Flowers (Barbara Munch)

Honorable Mention: Early Childhood P.T.A.

Adopt-a-Bed Gardens

          First Place:  Dean’s Greenhouse

Second Place: Yards Done Right

Third: Nurturing Nature’s Knowledge

Apartment or Condominium Complex

First Place:   Bay Landing Condominiums

Second Place:  Sturbridge Square Apartments

Third Place:  Remington Apartments

Honorable Mention:  Barrington Place Apartments


First Place:  Applied Home Healthcare

Equip./Superflash Compressed Gas Equip.

Second Place:  Lakewood Country Club

Third Place:  Ironwood Café

Honorable Mention: Red Roof Inn – Westlake


First Place:  Westlake United Methodist Church

Second Place:   St. Ladislas Church

Third Place:  Hungarian Seventh-day Adventist Church

Garden with Pond or Water Feature

No entries


Included in Business category

Nursing Home, Assisted/Independent Living

First Place: Rae-Ann Westlake

Second Place:  The Belvedere of Westlake

Third Place:  Rae-Ann Suburban



Patio Garden ~ Multi-family

First Place:  Phillip E. and Alice Kuhn

Second Place:  Marianne Petro

Third Place:  Sharon Huelsman

Honorable Mention:  Helen J. Szarka

Patio Garden ~ Single family

First Place:  Holly Kaye Tomkalski

Second Place:  Rosemary Ware

Rain Garden        

          First Place:  Debra Sue Solecki

Shade Garden

First Place:  Dr. Wolfgang and Ina Mueller

Second Place:  Cindy Mulligan

Third Place:  Angela DeMuesy

Vegetable Garden

First Place:  Inge and Michael Moorman

Second Place:  Evy and Greg Tidwell

Third Place:  Karen McCready

Honorable Mention:   Gary Colyer

Window Boxes

First Place:  Rita Briggs

Second Place:   Ronald Perger and Deborah Forkas

Third Place:   Patricia and Robert Crowley



2014 Lu Walter Award

Holly Kaye Tomkalski


2014 Award of Distinction for  Community Involvement

Westlake Community Garden


2014 Award of Distinction for Floral Displays

Crocker Park


2013 Award of Distinction for Heritage Preservation

Dr. William Bennett

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