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Mike Cooper and his daughter, Madison, a former Avon cheerleader.

Mike Cooper and his daughter, Madison, a former Avon cheerleader.

Cooper Disposal. It’s the trash company that’s a community treasure!

Why? Because owner/ Avon resident Mike Cooper really does make a difference.

“That is just part of my deal. I love to give back,” says Coop. It’s an attitude he learned growing up in Canton. It’s a community spirit he acquired as part of the McKinley football family.

That’s why you see Cooper Disposal involved in Avon community projects like cook-outs after Eagle football events and practices, the new equipment shed at Veteran’s Park, and even the Eagle football banners you see around town. It brings the rallying spirit of a McKinley-Massillon rivalry to Avon, especially with the big game against Avon Lake kicking off the season next week.

“It’s like a family,” says Coop. “And there’s no better way to get to know a kid, talk to him and teach him about values more than sitting down over a meal after a practice.”

Mike Cooper, a veteran of the waste disposal business, launched Cooper Disposal in 2004. He serves the entire northeast Ohio area. He takes special pride in teaming with projects right here in the Avon area. “When I see a new project, I will turn around to stop in to meet them. I get a lot of business that way,” he says.

It’s that winning attitude that makes Cooper Disposal a success, an attitude that embodies a spirit vital to a burgeoning community like Avon.

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Cooper Disposal: One Call for All Clean-ups!

Summer has been in full swing and the time has been right for projects around the home and office.

There can be lots to clean up after many home improvement projects! From yards to garages, from basements to rooftops, Summer 2014 was bound to come with a huge Job Jar.

Cooper Disposal can help make things easier.

Cooper Disposal is a full‐service waste hauling company, providing clean‐out service of homes, estates, buildings, storm and flood clean‐out and MORE!

Cooper Disposal provides waste removal containers and dumpsters for construction companies, roofing contractors, industrial and manufacturing companies, and residential D.I.Y. homeowners.

Waste removal services come in all sizes, from Commercial Recycling to Residential Services to Waste Hauling to General Clean-Out. Roll-off containers and disposal containers take the load off.

Summer clean-up? The easiest way to clean out that messy garage is to have a Cooper Disposal Roll Off container delivered to your house. After you fill it up, they do all the work. Roofing? Tearing off a roof is always a mess. Cooper Disposal can help make it less messy with a Roll-Off container.

“All of our pricing is all-inclusive and there are no “hidden” fees. At Cooper Disposal, we pride ourselves in exceptional service which includes same-day service to ALL of our customers,” said owner Mike Cooper, an Avon resident whose kids are proud Eagles. “ We are a locally based, family-owned business, and we believe that customer service is the key to success!”

You can find the right size roll-off container for your needs by visiting their website at Or email Mike at Or simply phone 216.812.5140.


Mike Cooper

Mike Cooper


Q: How long in advance to I have to call to reserve a dumpster?

A: Normal delivery time is 1 day, but we can do same day service for an additional fee.


Q: How long can I keep the container on my site?

A: Up to seven days for normal rental, after seven days there is a per-day rate.


Q: What’s the difference between Roll-off Containers, Dumpsters, Bins, Hoppers, Scrap Boxes and Luggars?

A: Basically there is no difference. These are common names for metal trash receptacles.


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