Westlake Police: Mr. Jinx Goes to the Car Wash

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It’s been a bad week for cats, report Westlake Police. Aug. 20 was a particularly troublesome cat day. At 4:58 p.m. , a patron took his Mr. Jinx or Garfield or Mr. Bigglesworth with him to a Detroit Rd. car wash. Illustrating that well-known feline aversion to water, the frightened kitty crawled up under the dashboard and refused to come out. The owner was advised to go home, park in the garage with the car door open and wait for the barricaded feline to give up.

More than Mulch

An Iris Ct. resident was suspicious of a male who offered to sell her mulch on Aug. 19 at 3:03PM. Officers found a 27-year-old Cleveland man sitting on a nearby porch; he gave a false name and referred to his girlfriend to vouch for him. Via her Facebook page, officers discovered his real name. He was found to be a heroin addict and carrying hypos and a crack pipe. He faces MisID, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and Possession of Drug Abuse Instrument charges. He is also wanted by Brooklyn PD and the NC Dept. of Corrections.

Bradley Road Break-In

A Bradley Rd. business was broken into on Aug. 17 at 9:33PM. CCTV recorded a suspect wearing a hooded sweatshirt try to break the front door glass, and then smash a front window with a rock. He looks in the cash register, and then leaves through the broken window. The sex or race of the suspect cannot be determined; nothing was taken.

Bladder Control

A 31-year-old Cleveland man urinated in the street on Detroit Rd. at 6:57PM on Aug. 18. He was found to be under the influence of illegal drugs and arrested for DCI. His mother advised that he also suffered from a mental illness; he was taken to St. Vincent Charity Hospital for an emergency commitment.

Lock Your Stuff

A Hall Dr. man had 2 pair of sunglasses (total value $650) taken from his unlocked 2014 Mercedes Benz C30 on the night of Aug. 17. The car was parked in his driveway.

An Avon woman reported the theft of her Iphone from her Westlake workplace on Aug. 18. It was tracked to a Cleveland address; she filed the report so that Cleveland PD would assist her in retrieving it.

A Westford Cr. man reported that his apartment was burgled sometime Aug. 15-18; the slider was found open with no signs of forced entry. He is missing a laptop, TV, GPS, and 2 wristwatches (total value $4425).

Domestic Violence

An Avon couple fought while staying at a Clemens Rd. motel on Aug. 20 at 10:51AM. The 28-yearold wife reported that her 45-year-old husband pushed her and put his hand on her throat. He was arrested for DV.