Westlake Police: Off Roader Goes Wrong

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It was a case of off-roading gone wrong in Westlake as the clock neared midnight on Aug. 27, report Westlake Police. A 49-year-old Wellington woman drove into a construction zone on Detroit Road. at 11:50 p.m. and got stuck. She was arrested for OVI and Driving on a Closed Road; she refused a breath test. Her passenger, a 46-year-old Oberlin man went beyond being a nuisance at the scene by continually butting into the field testing of his driver. After 5 interruptions, he was arrested for Obstructing Official Business, Carrying Various Weapons (a pocket knife), and Open Container.

Westlake House of Worship Vandalized

Kingdom Hall of Jehova’s Witnesses on Center Ridge Rd. was vandalized on the night of August 27. All the windows were broken, shrubs uprooted, and the building, fence, and sign were spraypainted. CCTV shows a white male late teens-early 20s spray painting the doors.

Late for Alcohol Abuse Class

An intoxicated 21-year-old Rocky River man raised Cain in a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Aug. 21 at 1:41PM. He shouted vulgarities and (falsely) accused the staff of throwing food around. He was arrested for DCI; he begged the officers to bond him out quickly since he had to be at a 72hr alcohol abuse seminar later that day. He needs it.

Energy Drink Leads to K.O.

A 41-year-old Sycamore Ov. woman and her 41-year-old husband argued over his sleeping habits on Aug. 23; she then pelted him with a canned energy drink, punched and bit him, and then drove away. A DV warrant was obtained and she was stopped by Strongsville PD on Aug. 26 and turned over to WPD.

What’s My Name?

A 24-year-old Lorain woman tried to hoodwink an officer as to her true identity on Aug. 24 at 6:14PM. She was stopped on I-90 eastbound and claimed that she was someone else (false) and not the owner of the 1998 Honda she was driving (true). Funny, she sure did not look like the driver’s license picture of someone else’s name, DOB and SSN that she gave. Her passenger advised the officer of the driver’s real name; the suspect was then cited for DUS and additionally charged with MisID.

Perfecta for Westlake Driver

A 34-year-old Cleveland woman just doesn’t get this Fictitious License Plates and Operators License Required stuff, as evidenced on Aug. 24 at 4:40PM. The plates on her tan Buick belong on a purple Chrysler; she had been cited for both offenses earlier that day by another police agency. She was cited again by WPD. Her passenger (41-year-old Columbia Station woman) was arrested on a warrant from Lorain County Sheriff and cited for POM.

Quick Stop

A passerby notified a patrolman of a theft that just occurred on Aug. 22 at 2:37PM. She saw a 33-year-old Lorain man steal energy drinks and liquor from a Detroit Rd. store; that male was driven away by a 25-year-old Lorain woman. They were stopped as they entered I90 westbound from Crocker Rd. and arrested for Petty Theft; the woman was also cited for DUS (Driving Under Suspension).

Hotel Parking Lot Thefts

The locks were cut off 2 trailers parked at a Clemens Rd. hotel on the night of Aug. 21. They belong to an IN company; a $4000 hoist was taken from one.

Bike Swiped

A $351 black boys Raleigh Talus 2 16″ cruiser/hybrid bike was stolen from a Detroit Rd. driveway on the evening of Aug. 22. It also has red lights front and back.

Crocker Park Damage

A Market St. man’s 2009 Lexus had the passenger side mirror broken off while it was parked in his common garage on the night of Aug. 22.

Real Estate Woes

As if selling a house isn’t enough of a headache, a Westlake man found that unknown schemers have placed a phony for-rent ad on craigslist for his property. On Aug. 28, his realtor advised him that an unknown number of persons submitted rental applications to the fraudster with their ID information included. A Westlake woman also sent an $850 security deposit in via Western Union.

Mail-order Rx Theft

Rx medicine was stolen off a porch sometime on Aug. 27 after it was delivered to a Columbia Rd. home.


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