Bay Police: Phone Scam Alert

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Residents are asked to be very cautious if they receive any phone calls from the IRS, Treasury Department or a Utility company.  There have been numerous incidents over the last few weeks in which a scam caller is telling a resident or business owner that they owe money (usually thousands of dollars), and that it needs to be paid immediately with a pre-paid Visa card. The caller states that if the money is not paid immediately, they will have their utility turned off or face a penalty from the IRS/Treasury Department.   They are asked to purchase a pre-paid Visa card and then call a number back with the Visa and PIN number.  Once this is done, the caller has access to however much money is on the card.  If anyone receives a call of this nature they are asked to please contact BVPD (440-871-1234) immediately to report the incident, and not to purchase any pre-paid Visa cards if asked to do so over the phone.

14-Year Old Driver in Police Chase

A Bay Village Police officer attempted to stop a vehicle on Wolf Rd, in front of Bay Square on Aug. 30 at 0025 hours. The 2009 Kia would not stop, and after turning southbound onto Dover Center Rd. drastically increased its speed. As it crossed the railroad tracks the Kia momentarily became airborne. The officer decreased his own speed considerably in order to safely go over the tracks. By  the time he observed the other car again he could see it approaching Detroit Rd. Westlake PD had been made aware of the situation and began pursuing the Kia. The Bay Village officer lost visual contact with the Kia and terminated his pursuit. Subsequently it was stopped in Fairview Park and the 14 year old driver was arrested and taken to the Westlake Police Department. He was charged into Cuyahoga County Juvenile Court by both Bay Village and Westlake.

Wide Open Jeep is Theft Target

On 08/31/2014, at 1725 hrs, an Avon Lake resident called to report he had left his Jeep parked in the lot at Columbia and Lake Roads while he was with his family down on Columbia Road Beach. When he returned to the vehicle, parked on the south side of the parking lot by the tree line (all windows down, doors unlocked, rear soft cover left off), he found damage had been done. Someone had removed the ignition face plate and there was extensive tool mark damage done to the steering column. The owner’s wallet, which had been left in the center console, was also missing. The Bay Village PD is investigating.

OVI on Wolf Road

On 08/27/2014, at 1934 hrs, a motorist called BVPD to report a possible OVI on Wolf Rd. in the area of Dover Center.   Officers located the vehicle and stopped it on Huntington Woods Parkway.  After speaking with the 38 yoa female driver, officers suspected the female had been drinking.  Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the driver was arrested for OVI.  The Avon Lake resident will face charges at RRMC.

Off and Running

On 08/29/2014, at 0212 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Lake Rd. near Rye Gate for a traffic violation.  When the vehicle stopped, a female passenger took off running from the scene.  BVPD officers, with the assistance of Westlake officers, searched the area, but were unable to locate the female.  The 21 yoa driver of the vehicle was arrested for Consuming Alcohol in a Motor Vehicle and traffic violations.  The Sandusky resident will face charges at RRMC.

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