Westlake Schools Release “Quality Profile”

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More than 50 school districts throughout Ohio are releasing a comprehensive, community‐oriented companion to the State’s School District Report Card. Called a “Quality Profile,” the report includes additional accountability measures that better define a high quality education and are not included in the state’s report.

The Quality Profile examines the elements of a high quality public education, as defined by residents of the community, including results on standardized testing measures. Its content is divided into six categories: academics, arts, student leadership and activities, fiscal stewardship, parent and community involvement, and student services. Over the last several years, participating districts have been surveying residents to determine factors they value in their child’s education that are not measured on the state report card. The result is an expanded report that describes, in detail, the programs and values of their school system.

Westlake’s “Quality Profile” is here:




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