Rocky River Police: Medical Mystery

rocky river police

Rocky River Police responded to a Wooter Road 911 call last week received from a male reporting his brother unresponsive with unknown problem. Officers arrived to assist along with the fire department. Numerous heroin syringes, drugs and paraphernalia were located. The man was transported to the hospital for a drug overdose.

Blame it on the Browns

A Rocky River policeofficer was travelling on Old Lake Road near midnight on Oct. 26 and observed a female unconscious laying on the east side of the street. Her clothing was disarranged and she had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on her person. She was wearing sunglasses at night time that were broken. The officer awoke her and she had  slurred speech and appeared heavily intoxicated. She said she had drank too much at the Browns game. She was arrested and charged with DCI.