Delinquent Juvenile Arrested in Fairview

fairview police

A Fairview Park police  officer observed a juvenile riding a bike in the 19700 block of Lorain Rd. While inhaling something from an aerosol can on Oct. 27. A stop was made of the 15 year old North Olmsted resident. A total of three aerosol cans were found on the youth and confiscated. He initially gave a false name to the officer, but eventually gave his correct information. He was arrested for Abusing Harmful Intoxicants and Falsification. When checking further, it was found that he was an entered missing juvenile out of North Olmsted since August and also had 5 outstanding warrants for his arrest out of Juvenile Court.

He was turned over to North Olmsted PD who were advised that the juvenile detention center would accept him when they were finished with him.

No Tip, Either..

Officers were called to the Westgate Applebees on a report of a male who attempted to leave without paying for his meal. Upon arrival it was learned the 46 year old Cleveland male came in and ordered a full meal. When he was done, he got up to leave without paying for the meal but was stopped by the manager. It was learned the male had twice previously done the same thing in Fairview Park in years past. When asked, the male admitted to having no intention to pay, commenting that his “meal was good and sometimes restaurants don’t make him pay.” He was arrested for Petty Theft and later released on bond pending his appearance in Rocky River Municipal Court.

Suspicious Person has Marijuana

Police were called to a gas station at W 220/Lorain Rd on a suspicious male who had been hanging  around for a few hours on Oct. 30. Officers checked on the male, and while doing so, discovered him to be in possession of marijuana and rolling papers. He claimed a medical use for same but had no prescription from any state where it is legal. He was cited for Possession of Marijuana and sent on his way.

Butts Heisted

Employee of Circle K at 20220 Lorain reported the theft of cigarettes from behind the counter. A female with long brown hair in her mid to upper forties went behind the counter and took the cigarettes, then left the store. Police were given copies of the video surveillance and will be following up.

Laundromat Throw Down

Police were called to a Laundromat at 22229 Lorain Rd on a disturbance between two women on Nov. 1. Upon arrival police were pointed to a woman in a vehicle as being the problem. According to witnesses, that woman had started yelling at another woman after something was said to the daughter of the first. Witnesses stated the woman in the car pushed and slapped the other woman. Upon speaking to the 29 yr old woman subject, she claimed the other woman was glaring at her kids and was confronted and eventually pushed, to “get her out of her face”. The subject was placed in a police car while officers talked to the other woman. She injured herself while in the cruiser and was subsequently taken to the hospital by paramedics. The children were turned over to their grandparents, the female subject to be charged with Assault.

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