Westlake Police: Craigslist Scam Spotted

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A Detroit Rd. business offered a $300 set of 4 wheels for sale on craigslist, report Westlake Police. A male from TX expressed an interest in buying them and sent an $1850 check (the check was drawn on an IL man’s account). This all looked phony to the seller, and he did not ship the merchandise; the check turned out to be bogus. The fraud attempt was reported on Oct. 30.

Bad Ride

A 23-year-old Fairview Park woman reported an assault that occurred on Oct. 29 around 2AM. She had been out with friends and wanted to go home. A 22-year-old Westlake man offered to drive her, then changed his mind en route and took her and other passengers to his home, where she fought with him. The investigation continues.

Suspicious charges

The issuing bank contacted a Walden Dr. man on Nov. 1 about suspicious charges totaling $1795 made with his credit card at stores in Heath and Kent. The card was cancelled.


A 45-year-old man tried to get into his intermittent 45-year-old girlfriend’s 2nd floor Canterbury Rd. apartment by climbing up the balcony at 2:55AM on Nov. 2. They are currently in the off phase of their on-off relationship. He was found nearby and arrested for DCI.

Telephone harrassment

A 51-year-old North Olmsted man repeatedly called a Detroit Rd. business on Nov. 1-2 over a payment dispute. The caller was notified to stop making the calls by the investigating officer. The caller persisted, telephoning the victim 3 more times (even speaking to the investigating officer again on the victim’s phone), and then called WPD to complain about being told not to call the other person. A warrant for Telecommunications Harassment was issued, and it was served on Nov. 4.

Bra Thefts, Again!

40 bras worth $2040 were stolen by 3 black female suspects from that same old Main St. store on Nov. 2 at 1:50PM.

NFL Fan Fest

A 37-year-old Bradley Rd. man was arrested for DV after a 6:22PM incident on Nov. 2. He had argued with his 36-year-old wife and 65-year-old father-in-law over an NFL broadcast, thrown objects around, torn doors off their hinges, and threatened to kill his in-laws.


A Twinsburg woman’s purse was stolen from under a table on Nov. 3 while she prepared to depart from a craft show at a Center Ridge Rd. business. It contained her checkbook, debit cards, and $200 cash.

A 17-year-old Cleveland boy was arrested after stealing $150 worth of clothing from a Detroit Rd. store on Nov. 3 at 3:35PM. He ran when confronted by staff, discarding the loot as he did.  He was taken to the county detention home to answer charges of Petty Theft, Obstructing Official Business, and Trespass.

GPS units were taken from a Meadow Ln. man’s unlocked car twice in 30 days. The first theft occurred on Oct.6 while the car was parked in the driveway. The second occurred on the night of Nov. 2 while the car was left in the open garage. Total loss is $400.00.

A Huron woman reported that her wallet was taken from her purse while she shopped at a Market St. store on Nov. 1. 2 of her credit cards were used repeatedly on that day at North Olmsted stores for $6800 in illicit purchases.

Power tools worth $720.00 were taken from a Westwood Rd. home sometime Oct. 31-Nov. 3. They belonged to the homeowner, who is doing some remodeling. A neighbor saw an unfamiliar pickup truck in the victim’s driveway on the night of Nov. 2.

3 pairs of shoes worth $134.00 were stolen from a Detroit Rd. store on Nov. 3 at 2:30PM. The suspects fled in a red Nissan (found to be a rental car) eastbound on I90.  The driver is a black female in her 20’s with short hair, wearing a white sweater and black pants. Suspect #2 is also a black female with medium length hair dyed blond on top, wearing a blue jacket and black pants. Suspect #3 is a black female with long hair; she wore a grey top with black pants.

No pumpkins were reported smashed on Halloween; however, 3 were reported stolen on Nov. 3 from a Regency Pl. home.


A female instructor at CCC Center Ridge Rd. campus reported that a male student she had tutored has been following her around, pretending to bite her, ordering her to do his homework, and otherwise being a nuisance since Oct. 16. He had been banned from the teacher’s workspace, but continued to show up at the campus. He was suspended and banned from all CCC facilities on Oct. 31. WPD took a report for Menacing on Nov. 4, and both WPD and CCC PDs are watching for the suspect.

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