Avon Sunflowers Live On in Art

Sunflower ArtThe inspiring Sunflower Field planted by the Prayers from Maria Children’s Glioma Foundation last summer just off I-90 and Jaycox Road in Avon will live on in art, thanks to the efforts of Avon High Art teachers Karen Busch and Maria Petrulis.

Their sunflower painting, made up entirely of fingerprints from students in the Avon School District, will hang in Avon City Hall as a living tribute to community.

Avon Mayor Bryan Jensen came up with the idea of memorializing last summer’s inspiring field of sunflowers that brought thousands to the colorful locale along the freeway. He approached the schools, and the teachers collaborated with staff and students on the project. The piece is done in a style known as pointillism with the use of fingerprints as brushes. The work will serve as a permanent tribute to the spirit of community fostered by the project.

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