Westlake Police: “Never Can Say Goodbye”

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In an unintentional tribute to the Michael Jackson classic, “Never Can Say Goodbye,” a Weymouth Circle. man reported to Westlake Police on Jan. 18 that he had broken off a relationship with a 31-year-old Columbus woman two days earlier. She replied with a barrage of 500 texts and phone calls in that 3-day period, and persisted even after the investigating officer left her a voicemail to cut it out.  A Telecommunications Harassment warrant has been issued.

Footloose, no Longer Fancy Free

Three 14-year-old Avon Lake juveniles (2 girls, one boy) were arrested for Petty Theft after they were caught stealing footwear valued at $180 from a Detroit Rd. store on Jan 16. They also were found to have stolen items from other nearby retailers, bringing the value of the stolen property to a grand total of $684.00. They were released to their parents and will face Juvenile Ct. charges.

Party Time!

A vacationing Horseshoe Blvd. woman’s neighbors called her in Florida to report a possible break-in at her home on Jan. 18. She called her daughter-in-law, who called Westlake Police at 9:43 PM. It turned out that a 17-year-old Rocky River grandson of the homeowner (who is allowed in the house) had hosted a beer and reefer party; the guests had left before officers and the homeowner’s son arrived. The suspect’s parents were also out of town; he was released to his uncle. He will answer Drug Paraphernalia, POM, Underage Consumption, keg law, and Possession of Fireworks charges in Juv. Ct.

Welding Machine Swiped

A $5000 Miller Trailblazer 325 welding machine belonging to a Columbus company was stolen on the night of Jan. 19. It was taken from a Clemens Rd. jobsite. It is blue with “W143” painted on the side.

Plate Heisted

A Bay Landings man received a call from Northfield Village PD on Jan. 20 asking him to check his car and see if the rear license plate was still attached; it was not. It was found on the rear of another vehicle in Northfield; the female operator had multiple IDs and credit cards. Westlake PD took a report for a stolen license plate.

Counterfeit Travelers Checks

Counterfeit travelers’ checks were refused at a Crocker Pk. Blvd. store on Jan. 20. The suspects were described as: #1)  a 6′ tall black male, thin build,  small amount of facial hair, early 20s, wearing a red hooded sweatshirt with a fur lining around the collar; #2)  5’3″ tall black female, heavy  build, mid-late 20s, wearing a black jacket and gray scarf. They left in a black Toyota Corolla.

Miscellaneous Mayhem

A Hunters Chase woman found footprints in the snow leading up to her patio and the screen door ajar at 8:27PM on Jan. 21. The door to her outside storage unit was also ajar; no entry was gained to her apartment.

A Brewster Dr. woman questioned a $300 withdrawal she found on her bank account on Jan. 22. The insurer found that a Lakewood female took out an auto insurance policy using the victim’s account info. The investigation continues.

Two vehicles were broken into at a Center Ridge Rd. business on Jan. 22 between 7:10PM-7:25PM. Purses were taken from each; they contained credit cards, cash, and misc. papers. Both vehicles had the front passenger window broken to gain entry.

When it rains bad luck, it pours. A repo company towed a Pontiac Gran Prix from a Canterbury Rd.  driveway at 8:34PM on Jan. 22.  It belonged to a friend of the resident. In the course of the repo, the resident’s 2002 VW Jetta received scratches on the rear bumper from the Pontiac striking it. The VW was sold to an out of town buyer who is expected to pick it up on Jan. 23.