Ohio Tax Quiz May Delay Processing

Fairview Park Police 1387552968The Ohio Dept. of Taxation, Criminal Investigations Division, has notified all law enforcement agencies concerning an Identity Confirmation Quiz Letter the Dept. is sending out to Ohio taxpayers report Fairview Park Police.

The Dept. has experienced a high volume of fraud attempts to claim refunds using stolen IDs. The letter instructs taxpayers that they need to pass an ID Confirmation Quiz Letter before their tax return will be processed.

If anyone has a question about the ID Quiz for State of Ohio Taxes, please call

1-855-855-7579, or visits WWW.TAX.OHIO.GOV.


A Fairview High School student reported the theft of a pair of Beats Headphones from an unsecured locker while in gym class. The victim provided a possible suspect and officers will follow up on the information.A patron of the Fairview Park regional  library reported a laptop stolen while his son was at the library. The son states he got up to check on the status of his ride, leaving the laptop on the table, and when he returned it was gone. Video is being reviewed to assist in the investigation.

Fraud Attempt

An 88 yr old W 221 St resident was contacted in what is believed to be a scam. A person claiming to be from Publisher’s Clearinghouse was asking for payment of taxes on her prize and she would then get her check. No money changed hands and the person did not show up with the prize check.

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