Math Madness at Westlake Schools

Westlake’s middle and high school math teams placed among the Top 100 schools in the inaugural Math Madness new online contest sponsored by the Mathematical Association of America.

Math Madness featured live, team-based, online academic competition between almost 21,000 students from schools across the country. The contest included League Play with a round robin competition based on skill level, geography and common time availability. It concluded with the Bracket Challenge.

In Westlake, 75 seventh through 12th grade students participated over the course of 13 challenging weeks of competition. Teams of students were coached by parent volunteers Laura Lathem and Mike Stewart, and gifted teacher Anne Dill.

The Westlake High School team made it to the SWEET 16 in its division, ranking 95th overall. Team members who made it onto the Top 1,000 Individual Scores list include Kartik Dhinakaran, Calvin Pozderac and Ryan Karpuszka. Other team members were Jack Bogart, Mingda Chen, Sam Giusto, Bradley Katcher, Nicole Korzak, Alex Lathem, Heesoo Lee, Jackson Liang, Madelyn Lockshine, Darin O’Meara, Sneha Ramachandran, Yuhui Wu, Kyle Yu and Ryan Zubricky.

MathMadness2The Lee Burneson Middle School team advanced to the ELITE 8 in its division, placing 45th overall. Team members who scored high enough to be included on the top 1,000 Individual Scores list were Angela Zhu, Albert Zhou, Chad Sargent, Talia Zheng and Akshya Dhinakaran. Remaining team members include:

Farah Abumeri • Selena Alamir • Michael Albainy • Davin Amy • Nicholas Bauer • Zachary Bielozer • Armin Boukzam • Claire Brewer • Charlotte Button • Chloe Chen • Jonny Chen • Lydia Choban • Katie Cirincione • Jake Collins • Ethan Crouch • David Daniel • Molly Daniels • Louis DeFeo • Jacob Eddy • Andrew Franklin • Richard Garber • Samantha George • Shyam Govani • Chris Haddad • Peyton Hahn • Natalie Hazapis • Chris Hirz • Amy Hizlan • Nathan Hsiao • Victor Ikezawa • Rahul Jain • Jack Jennings • Talya Jeter • Gabi Kim • Johnny Kirschnick • Kenneth Li • Anna Luu • Esther Park • Lauren Paulson • Stephanie Randar • Akhilesh Reddy • Frank Ricaurte • Colten Rujawitz • Aya Salem • Matthew Sarsam • Megan Stewart • Meghana Tandon • Samantha Thomas • Hunter Wagner • Katie Willi • Lila Williams • Bella Zanotti • Jason Zhang • Terry Zheng

“This was a very cool way to get the students practicing math questions to prepare for the American Mathematics Competition 10/12 competitions, where strong scores and lead to the American Invitational Mathematics Examination and show excellence when applying to high-power schools,” Lathem said. “These are national tests that show math performance at a significantly higher level.”

Dill said she hopes to start the online Math Madness contest at Dover Intermediate School next year for fifth- and sixth-grade students.Westlake Schools logo

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