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Best of the West  Shore Police Blotter for the Week of June 12:Fairview Park Police 1387552968

Man Hides in Mom’s Dresser

Fairview Park Police ran into a strange case last week as an escaped prisoner from Fairview Hospital was found hiding in a hollowed-out dresser at his mother’s home in Cleveland. The saga began when a prisoner temporarily released on medical furlough fled from Fairview Hospital rather than return to Fairview Park City Jail on June 4. Fairview Police searched the surrounding area and failed to find the escapee. But later in the day, police received information that the male was at his mother’s residence on Worthington Ave in Cleveland. Officers responded and could not initially locate the male in the house, even though it was reported he had just been there. Officers checked a little closer and located the male hiding inside a dresser which had the interior of the drawers cut off and the rear panel removed.

Senior ‘Assassins’

Police were called to Target at Westgate on a report of juveniles spraying workers customers with squirt guns. Officers detained a 17 yr old female whose friends had fled upon police arrival. She stated that they were playing “senior assassins” with squirt guns in the store. She was turned over to her father after being advised that Target does not tolerate “assassins” in the store.

Roof Workers Get HighWestlake Police logo

A teenage boy called Westlake Police  on June 11 at 5:09 PM to report that two males had knocked on the door of his Santa Clara home. He did not answer, but saw them put ladders up and go on the roof. OK, it turns out his mom had hired them to clean the gutters. Not so OK; the pot pipe, rolling papers, and bag of marijuana in their truck. A 23-year-old Parma man was cited for Drug Paraphernalia and a 24-year-old Parma man was cited for POM and Drug Paraphernalia. Mom also decided that she did not want them on her roof and sent them away.

Electric Bill Scams

A Detroit Rd. pizza parlor in Westlake received a call on June 9 at 2:30 PM threatening a shut-off of the electrical supply unless $1895 in overdue bills were paid. The owner paid the caller with gift cards, then realized he had been scammed. He was able to stop payment on all but $500 worth of the gift cards.

A complainant in Rocky River stated that a male called her saying that he was from the electric company and that she owed the electric company $800 by the end of the day or the company’s electricity would be shut off on June 8.The complainant stated that she believed it was a scam and when she contacted the electric company they confirmed that she did not owe any money.

Phony Refund

A Smith Ave. man in Westlake received a hefty Federal income tax refund check in May. Unfortunately, it was generated due to a phony return filed by an unknown suspect. He returned the check to the IRS and reported the matter on June 6.

Father-Daughter Feud

A Westwood Rd. woman wants her father to leave her alone; he was warned by Westlake Police to steer clear of her back in January. On June 6, he left balloons and a Polish flag by her mailbox. He also has been texting her and driving by the home. Both parties are also embroiled in a lawsuit against each other. The City Prosecutor will review the case.

Sounds Itchy

A shirtless 39-year-old FL man covered in grass clipping was noted to be intoxicated on Walter Rd. at 4:01AM on June 7. He was lost and had scraped an elbow after drinking at a nearby saloon. He was arrested for DCI.

Shouldn’t Be Shopping

An apparently drunk male crashed his shopping cart into displays twice while inside Marcs on June 9 around 6:15PM. He then left the store without paying for the items in his cart. An employee got the license number off his car; the investigation continues. The same male is possibly involved in a similar theft from the North Olmsted Marcs earlier that day.

Body at Restbay police logo 130121011959_bay-village-police-300x168

On 06/06/2015, at 2244 hrs, Bay Village Police received a call from a motorist who stated there was a body lying in a tree lawn on Parkside near Wolf Rd.  Responding officers located a highly intoxicated male passed out in the tree lawn.  He was transported to the hospital for treatment.  The juvenile will be charged with Underage Consumption of Alcohol and face charges at CCJC.

Motorist Strikes Parked Car

On 05/30/2015, at 0020 hrs, BVPD received several calls of a MVA on Osborn at Woodpark.  Responding officers discovered that a motorist had struck a parked car.  After speaking with the juvenile driver, officers suspected the juvenile driver had been drinking.  Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the juvenile driver was arrested for OVI.  The driver will face charges at CCJC.

Tree Stolen

On 05/31/2015, at 0728 hrs, a Saddler resident called BVPD to report someone had dug up and stolen his crabapple tree overnight.  Evidence indicated it was drug to the street and put in a car.  Police are investigating.




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