St. John Medical Center June/July Events

NO (North Olmsted) Mercy vs WOW (Walkers of Westlake)

NO (North Olmsted) Mercy vs WOW (Walkers of Westlake)

Seniors vs Seniors at SJMC

Seniors from area Community Services Departments are hosting a good-natured competition at St. John Medical Center this summer.

First up last Friday on the SJMC Walking Trail was the Westlake Center for Community Services  (WOW) vs. the North Olmsted Senior Center (NO Mercy) in a free wellness and walking competition.

The program is a 6 week challenge, and Mayors of the two cities are involved and rooting for their centers! The participants are screened before and after their walking challenge and time will tell who has the healthiest center. Prizes will be awarded on the last Friday of the challenge. WOW and NO Mercy team members posed for a photo with SJMC Outreach Director Paul Forthofer and staff last week – complete with boxing gloves.

C’mon, seniors! Let’s get it on! A healthy turnout of over 75 participants came out for the first day of walking.

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