Naked Pizza in Westlake

Talk about pizza with no toppings! An employee of a Bassett Road business in Westlake reported a naked male and female outside of a car in the company parking lot on June 20 at 12:22 a.m., report Westlake Police.Westlake Police logo

The vehicle left and was seen to mount a curb and drive briefly on a treelawn on Crocker Rd. before being stopped by a patrol officer. The operator (24-year-old female from Bay Village) was eating a slice of pizza as she drove without a stitch on. Her passenger (33-year old man from Cleveland) was also in the altogether cradling an open beer can between his feet. Both were under the influence of alcohol and were ordered to get dressed.

The female was arrested for OVI and refused a breath test. She was released at 2:11 AM to a sober family member on her own recognizance. At 3:05 AM, she was found wandering along Bradley Rd. (modestly dressed this time) after she had argued with her ride home and jumped out of the car. She was arrested again for DCI.

The male (currently on probation for Drug Possession) urinated in the back seat of the cruiser; he was charged with DCI, Open Container, and Public Indecency. He was released on OR at 9:10AM and given an old pair of jail uniform pants and jail shoes to wear home, as he had only undershorts and a sweatshirt with him in the car at the time of his arrest.

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