Machete Doesn’t Cut It in Westlake Traffic Stop

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A 23-year-old Lakewood offered an interesting if implausible explanation to Westlake Police for the machete in his car on June 25 after being stopped for an equipment violation at 4:24 a.m. on Clague Rd. Doesn’t everybody use such a tool to clear snow off one’s car? Just like people use window scrapers to hack a trail through the jungle? The driver was cited for Two Headlights Required and will receive a summons for Carrying Various Weapons.

Blowing Smoke Means Double Trouble for Drunk

Raising a ruckus in the ER will never win you any friends. This was the lesson an intoxicated 26-year-old North Ridgeville man learned on June 26 at 11:51PM. He was a passenger in a vehicle which left St. John Medical Center and was stopped shortly thereafter. His excellent interpersonal skills fully manifested themselves as he blew cigarette smoke in the officers faces. He was arrested for DCI.

Who Am I Really?

That 3:47AM stroll a 20-year-old Westlake man took on June 24 gave a Dover Center Rd. resident some concerns. When officers arrived to check out the walker, he gave a false name, once again attempting to dodge having a warrant inconvenience him. He earned himself a new charge of MidID plus was held to answer for the WPD carrying Various Weapons and Drug paraphernalia warrants.

In another mis-ID case, a 49-year-old Cleveland man gave false name to an officer during a traffic stop on Bradley Rd. On June 22. His subterfuge was quickly discovered and he was arrested for MisID and for the warrant from the Cuyahoga Co. Sheriff that he was hoping not to have to address.

Miscellaneous Mayhem  

The rear license plate was stolen off of a Westford Cr. man’s 2004 Oldsmobile Alero sometime on June 19. It could have occurred at his residence or at the grocery store. He reported the theft on one 21.

A 28-year-old Hunters Chase man found that miniature fantasy figures that he stores for later sale in his garage had been stolen. The theft took place sometime June 14-24. Most of the property was recovered at a Cleveland store; the owner had been suspicious of the sellers and had set the items aside.

4 black females stole a quantity of clothing from a Main St. store on June 25 at 4:53PM. They dropped all of it when confronted and ran to their waiting cars.

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