Wanted: CCTV All Stars

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Westlake police are looking for help to identify these criminals. Anyone with any information should call Westlake Police at 440.871.3311.

Attempted Robbery at Westlake BP

This suspect walked into the BP station (corner of Detroit and Columbia Rds.) on 8-11-15 at 9:44PM, announced that he had a gun in his pocket, and demanded the clerk give him all the cash in the register.

The clerk did not believe he was serious (due to him smirking) and told him no, whereupon he left (empty-handed) on foot eastbound.

The suspect is described as in his 20’s, 5’6″ – 5’7″, 120-130 lbs., thin build, wearing gold-frame aviator sunglasses, a grey hooded sweatshirt (with the word “Elite” on the front) over a neon yellow shirt, and black tennis shoes with white trim around the soles.

Anyone with information can call 440.871.3311.

Westlake Prowler

The male seen in this CCTV footage was prowling around a Mendelssohn Dr. hone on 7-31-15 at apprx. 3:43AM. Items had been stolen off the porch of that residence over the preceding three weeks; it appears that the suspect is looking under the doormat for a key in the recording.

Anyone who can ID the suspect may call Westlake PD at 440.871.3311.

Credit Card Fraud

A Westlake man’s credit card was used at 3 locations to charge up $592 worth of purchases. The illicit charges were made on June 27 at a Walmart store, a BJ’s Warehouse, and a Speedway gas station, all located in Cleveland.

It is unknown how the suspects shown in the CCTV photos below obtained the account information, as the owner has had continuous possession of the card.

The picture of their vehicle is included for reference; it will be sent out to another agency for possible enhancement.

Anyone with info on the two suspects can call Westlake PD at 440.871.3311.

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