Bomb Threat, Gun Threat Empty Westlake Hotel

Not only was a bomb threat phoned in, but a drunk had to be a big buttinski in Westlake in the early hours this morning.Westlake Police logo

Guests at the Courtyard by Marriott did not go gentle into that good night as, at 1:34 a.m.this date, Westlake Police received a computer-generated phone call stating that a bomb had been planted in a room there (25050 Sperry Road).

Westlake and Bay Village police officers and the Westlake Fire Dept. were dispatched. RTA Police sent their explosives detection dog and handler. North Olmsted Police assisted by checking on a tired driver at a Center Ridge Rd. gas station while Westlake Police units were tied up.

A second computer-generated call was received by Westlake Police at 1:50 a.m. The caller stated that there were 4 armed persons in the hotel.

90-100 hotel guests were evacuated to a nearby restaurant while the building was searched. The Cabin in Clague Park was made available as a shelter, but none of the guests chose to go there.

The all clear was given at 3:40 a.m. after nothing suspicious was found.

But an intoxicated male guest (39-year old Jonathan SIMPSON of Kingsport, TN) punctuated the event by getting himself arrested for Misconduct at an Emergency at 3 a.m. after repeatedly refusing to move away from Westlake Fire Dept. apparatus and personnel. He is currently in the Westlake City Jail awaiting a bond hearing.

There is no apparent connection between SIMPSON and the caller(s).  108752


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