Multiple Car Thefts Reported in Avon Lake

Avon Lake Police have reported multiple cars thefts, saying they are similar to thefts that have taken place in Bay Village.

An Avon Lake Police Officer observed a vehicle westbound on Lake Road committing a traffic violation.  When the officer initiated a traffic stop, the vehicle fled westbound.  The officer pursued the vehicle on Lake Road until it reached the Sheffield Lake/Lorain border.  The pursuit was terminated due to high speeds. Lorain Police located the vehicle on Kansas Avenue just as the occupants fled the vehicle.  Attempts to locate the suspect(s) were unsuccessful.



The abandoned vehicle was determined to belong to an Avon Lake resident on Brunswick Drive. Upon making contact, it was learned that the vehicle was stolen and the house was burglarized.  As officers were investigating the incident, it was determined that a total of four (04) vehicles had been stolen in addition to a couple of cars being entered throughout the surrounding area. Three (03) of these vehicles have been recovered, two (02) of which were located a short distance nearby.

All the involved vehicles appear to have been targets of opportunity, with keys and/or garage door openers left in plain view. Residents are reminded to secure their vehicles and property prior to going to bed for the night.

This incident appears related to similar reports taken by the Bay Village Police Department during the same time frame.

The matter is under investigation.

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