Avon Police: Remember to Lock Your Cars/Homes

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The Avon Police Department is reminding residents to secure their vehicles and homes at night. Several area communities have had an increase in stolen vehicles and night time residential burglaries. Avon has also seen cars broken into in the evening. We are encouraging residents to protect their property by not making it an easy target. Please remember to:

1. Lock your doors: This may seem obvious, but some believe locked doors invite thieves to break in. If the car is free of valuables and the doors are unlocked, so the thinking goes, what harm will a thief do? But allowing access to your car, including leaving windows cracked, could open you up to actual vehicle theft. Burglars are often just looking for an unlocked door.

2. Keep your car tidy: When a thief looks into your car and sees clutter, he or she may presume there must be something good among the mess. A messy car can also indicate a lack of care, which might also mean a lack of care for removing valuables.

3. Park wisely: Parking conspicuously can go a long way, as thieves are looking to avoid attention. In parking lots, try sticking to heavy traffic areas where lots of eyes will be passing your car. In residential areas, where most thefts occur at night, park in the open and under streetlights to keep your car visible. If you’ve got a garage, park inside for an added layer of protection.

4. Remove valuables: Items of value are exactly what thieves are looking for, so keeping them out of sight or, better yet, out of your car is a great way to avoid losing them. GPS units, phones, sunglasses and shopping bags can be prime targets. Even subtle signs of valuables, such as marks left by gadgets suction-cupped to windshields, can hint that a car may be worth the effort for a thief. If you can’t remove valuables from your car entirely, locking them in the trunk is the next best thing, followed by simply hiding them. The more valuables, or even traces of them you leave in your car, the more you excite a thief.

5. Use an alarm system: Some call car alarms ineffective, as we’re so used to hearing them that we don’t pay attention: Most car burglars won’t take the change that an alarm will go ignored. Even if no one notices the alarm, your possessions will be safe if it scares the thief away.

6. Remove Garage Remote: If you park your car in your driveway at night and leave a remote control to the garage door in your vehicle you are providing a burglar an easy way into your home.

7. Close your garage door at night: Leaving your garage door open allows burglars direct access to your home. Most entry way doors from the garage into the house are not as secure as other exterior doors.

8. Do not leave keys in vehicle: Leaving your keys in your vehicle greatly increases the likelihood of theft. This includes starting your car to warm it up in the morning as winter approaches.

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