Avon St. Mary Rocks the Challenge Two Years Running

St Mary Avon RTC Finish the Wall-8Nearly 250 students, faculty, and volunteers enjoyed a beautiful day of sunshine and clear skies Monday, September 21, at St. Mary School.

For the second straight year, Fit Me Up (FMU) Fitness led students in prayer using body and mind. This year’s school theme – “Go Make a Difference” – is a great fit with the “Rock the Challenge” obstacle course, provided by FMU. Participants were guided to form a strong body, mind, and spirit through ActivPrayer™, in which physical activities are dedicated in prayer. Not only did students give thanks for their personal abilities, but also lifted up others who may be suffering physically, emotionally, or spiritually during their activity.

St Mary Avon RTC Obstacle-9The entire St. Mary community began their day together in prayer, and each student participated in running the obstacle course with their classmates, faculty, siblings, and volunteers. Classes also dedicated their day of ActivPrayer™ to a special intention, which was then left in the school’s new Prayer Garden to be included in the thoughts of the whole student body throughout the day. Each and every student cheered and encouraged old and new friends, building a strong foundation on which to build the rest of the year.

St Mary Avon Students with Coach Theo of FMU-10“Our goal at St. Mary Avon is to continue growing a stronger student body,” commented principal, Colleen Schager, pastor, Fr. Tom Cleaton, and FMU Fitness owner, Paul Theodore, in an open letter to the St. Mary community. Students who learn healthy habits at a young age are more likely to continue those habits throughout life. Rock the Challenge aids in building that foundation, and its effects are sure to have lasting effects.

St. Mary’s is a community-driven Catholic parish and school in Avon, Ohio. St. Mary of the Immaculate Conception School provides Faith-based education for grades K-8, with the goal of creating academically and spiritually empowered citizens with a life-long love of learning.

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