How to Keep ‘Happy’ in the ‘Holidays’

DSC_4041-76How can you be sure ‘happy’ stays in your ‘holidays’ this Christmas season?

There are some simple approaches you can take to dealing with holiday stress.

Stress-busting techniques were the subject of St. John Medical Center’s ‘All About You’ program for women on Dec. 3 at LaCentre in Westlake.

Keynote speaker Susan Fee shared her insights as a Cleveland-based counsellor, author and speaker in her address, “How to Put Happy Back in the Holidays.”

“The holidays can be tough for many people for three reasons,” shares Fee.

1 – Unreasonable Expectations. “Why do we think we can pack six months worth of activity into 30 days?” asks Fee. “If you could mindfully clear out the whole calendar, what would you put in there?”

“Celebrate the season, not one day.”

2 – Difficult people. If you know someone is a jerk, don’t expect them to stop being a jerk just because it is December. “When people are difficult 364 days out of the year, expect them to be difficult on the holiday too,” says Fee. “Rather than get angry, be prepared.”

3 – FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Everyone has had the experience of ordering one flavor of ice cream and then wondering if they made the right choice. This type of second-guessing can rob you of enjoying your time. Don’t steal your own joy. “Give experiences, not stuff,” says Fee. That is one way of embracing moments and making memories.

If we take the time to think about our lives, “we’ll realize that we’re all a little happier than we think we are,” says Fee. “Instead of striving for ‘happy,’ maybe we should be striving for ‘content.’”

Ultimately, she says, view your holiday time like pie. “If we are doing well,” says Fee. “We’ll save a piece for ourselves.”

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