Westlake Police: New Year’s Eve Mayhem Blotter

Holiday activity was at a high through December for Westlake Police. Here’s how things went this month on the Westlake Police Blotter:

“…more rapid than eagles, his coursers they came”

A 30-year-old Westlake man’s 116+mph Xmas Eve drive landed him on the naughty list for OVI, Willful Wanton Disregard for Safety, Speed, Marked Lanes, and Signal Before Lane Change after an I-90 traffic stop. He refused a breath test but did allow that he “was trying to have too much fun.” His fellow motorists begged to differ. POLICE_Westlake_RGB

A 53-year-old First St. man carried a grudge over to his rear neighbors on Carriage Pk. Ov .on the evening of Christmas Eve. He blames them for his 2014 zoning code conviction and so presented himself uninvited on their patio with a drink in one hand, a smoke in the other, and a threat to make trouble. A Trespass warrant has been issued.

“… when out on the lawn there arose such a clatter…”

Elyrians brought their Christmas Eve domestic troubles to a Clemens Rd. gas station when the intoxicated 30-year-old female hit the intoxicated 24-year-old male after he refused to give her the car keys. It is unclear who threw the Chipotle around inside their car. She suffered an asthma attack and was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD. The City Prosecutor will rule on the case.

A Rustic Dr. home was burgled on Christmas Eve night by forcing open a sliding door. An inventory of the jewelry taken is being completed by the victims.

A 2011 Chevrolet Malibu was reported stolen from a Canterbury Rd. residence on Christmas night. The owner suspected that her boyfriend had something to do with it; he denied that. It was recovered in Cleveland on Dec. 28 with accident damage and a bullet hole in the hood. When questioned again and polygraphed on Dec. 30, the boyfriend admitted repeatedly lending the car out to “TONE”, who did not return it in this instance. “TONE” claims that the car was stolen from him and shot up. Charges are forthcoming against the boyfriend.

A 44-year-old Strongsville man was cut off at Dave and Busters on Dec. 27 at 12:50AM. He started fighting with staff after throwing things around and was arrested for DCI and Assault. His own sister referred to him as a two-syllable vulgarity and a troublemaker. He spat on the inside of the cruiser as he was removed to the city jail.

“… the prancing and pawing of each little hoof…”

A 37-year-old Westlake man was found intoxicated on Union St. laying on his back with one shoe off on Dec. 27 at 1:02AM. He was arrested for DCI and had to be supported by two officers when walked to the cruiser and into the jail. He had a gash on his head (concealed by his ballcap) from his fall and was then taken by WFD to St. John Medical Center.

On Dec. 27, a Laughlin Ln. woman reported that numerous bogus lines of credit were taken out in her name. The applications listed addresses in GA and NY for credit cards and loans.

“…a miniature sleigh and 8 tiny reindeer…..”

Illuminated sleigh and reindeer yard decorations valued at $300 were taken from a Bellerive Ct. yard on the night of Dec. 27. And in a likely related incident….  

At 1:45AM on Dec. 28 (Feast of the Holy Innocents), the flight into Egypt by the Holy Family was re-enacted when a Nativity scene was stolen from a Forest Lake Dr. yard. The owner was greatly troubled, and all WPD with him, but a neighbor keeping watch over the block at night provided the license plate number of the suspect vehicle, which returned to its hideout by another route.

A Sherwood Dr. family came home from a trip on the morning of Dec. 28 and found that their house had been burgled. An IPad was taken some time since Dec. 24. A possible point of entry was a bedroom window.

5 bottles of vodka and cognac were stolen from a Detroit Rd. store on the evening of Dec. 28. A group of 4 black females and 1 black male are suspected.

A Berea woman’s wallet was stolen from her desk at work on the afternoon of Dec. 28. It contained cash, gift and credit cards, and a key to the Health Campus Dr. building where she works. One of the credit cards was used multiple times to charge $648 worth of purchases.

Electronics were shipped to a Center Ridge Rd. man’s home/office on Dec. 29. He had not ordered them and contacted the retailer. The company had already started its own investigation, as the items were paid for with a stolen credit card account number. WPD took custody of the property.

A 29-year-old Avon Lake man was found passed out behind the wheel of his 2003 Hyundai Tiburon at 2:01AM on Dec. 30. He had parked in a Crocker Rd. hotel lot. He was found to be under the influence and was arrested for Physical Control. He mentioned to the arresting officer that he had been convicted of OVI in Ottawa County Municipal Court on Dec. 28. A copy of the WPD report was faxed to the judge there.

A bench worth $250 was taken off the porch of a Waterfall Way home on the night of Dec. 29.

A Hedgewood Ave. home was entered possibly through an unlocked door on the afternoon of Dec. 30. The owner came home and found a latex glove on the floor; her dog also acted strangely. No one was found inside and nothing is missing.

A 32-year-old employee of a Center Ridge Rd. bar and an intoxicated 38-year-old customer from North Olmsted fought on Dec. 30 at 7:17PM. They had exchanged words and then took it outside, where the older man sustained a foot injury. He was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD. Prosecutor to rule.

A 24-year-old Walter Rd. man ran from his home at 2:33AM on Dec. 31 after he hit the 60-year old mother of his 40-year-old girlfriend with a box. All of them live at the Walter Rd. home. He also knocked the older woman to the ground. The 40-year-old girlfriend then took an overdose of pills just before police officers arrived. She was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD. The older woman was also transported there for a laceration on her arm. The suspect was found hiding in a vehicle across the street and arrested for Assault. He had also ODed on pills on the afternoon of Dec. 29 and was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD at that time.

A mailbox was damaged by bottles on King Arthur Ct. on the night of Dec. 23.

Happy New Year to all!


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