WEST SHORE BLUES: The Best of the Beats

POLICE_Westlake_RGBWestlake, Bay Police Team to Stop Scrap Metal Heist

A 35-year-old Lakewood man and a 23-year-old Cleveland man were seen taking scrap metal from a Crocker Rd. business on Jan. 3 at 10:14AM, report Westlake Police, The Lakewood man was arrested at the scene while the Cleveland man ran off and changed clothes. Nice try. A Bay Village police officer assisting under a mutual aid request found him near Clemens Rd. The older man, a self-admitted junkie, was charged with Criminal Trespass, Petty Theft, Possession of Criminal Tools, Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments, Possession of Drug Paraphernalia, and for an active BVPD felony warrant. The other not-so-fleet-footed fellow was charged with Criminal Trespass, Petty Theft, Possession of Criminal Tools, Possession of Drug Abuse Instruments, Obstructing Official Business, Obstructing Justice, Possession of Dangerous Drugs, and also had warrants from Westlake, Strongsville, and Parma PDs.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Westlake Senior Citizen Targeted in Swindle

A 77-year-old Creekside Dr. man narrowly missed being swindled on Jan. 12, report Westlake Police.

The man received a call from a foreign-sounding male, “Roger,” who offered him a $200 rebate. The victim then gave the caller remote access to his bank account. The caller then hoodwinked the victim into believing that his account had been drained and that he could get his money back by wiring $4800 to the caller.

The victim tried to wire the money from several locations. Attentive employees would not help him and told him he was being scammed. His bank also reported that he was not out any money, although an attempt was made to access his account.

Man Hides in Ex-Girlfriend’s House

A Walter Rd. woman’s 43-year-old ex-boyfriend is not taking their Dec. 26 breakup very well. He has hidden in her house on Jan. 2 (she has since changed the locks) and on Jan. 6 the woman received numerous text messages, emails, and phone calls (which she did not answer) from him. She is to sign a complaint against him for Telecommunications Harassment.

Free Lunch(es)

A Bobby Ln. woman was dismayed to discover that credit card account number thieves like the menu selections at the Bedford Applebee’s quite a lot. Illicit charges were rung up there on Dec. 8 and 9 for a total of $177. She reported the dine-on-her-dime on Dec. 31.

Hockey Night

A Meadow Ln. couple welcomed the New Year in at 10:09AM by squabbling over money. The 53-year-old wife went to the inspection arms posture with a broom while the 46-year-old husband assumed the on guard position with a hockey stick. He claims there was no physical violence; she says there was mutual pushing. Prosecutor to rule.

Uber Dump

An unidentified Uber driver did not know what to do with an intoxicated 26-year-old Market St. woman on Jan. 3 at 1:52AM, so he left her on the sidewalk near her home. She was arrested for DCI after a passing officer found her unable to stand.

Suspect Intercepted

A suspect was intercepted in the parking lot by an employee of a Detroit Rd. store after he left with $104 worth of unpaid-for items. He gave the property back and the employee noted the license plate number of his car.

Not so Lucky

….$3600 in charges were racked up on a Detroit Rd. business’s bank account from May 2015 through Jan. 2016. Most were from an Internet retailer and a cellphone service provider. The account has been closed and the bank is also investigating.

….Staff members from a Detroit Rd. store caught a 48-year-old Cleveland woman stealing $193.00 worth of property on Jan. 8. She was arrested for Petty Theft.

….2 counterfeit $20 bills were passed at a First St. business on Jan. 9 or 10. They were forwarded to the Secret Service.

Child Endangering Summons

A 3yoa Wakefield Ln. boy escaped from his home on Jan. 11 at 11:39AM. A passing motorist removed him from Bassett Rd. and brought him to a nearby school. The child was wearing only a shirt and pj bottoms. At 11:48AM his 32-year-old mom came home from running errands, found him missing, and called 911. He had been left in the charge of a teenage sibling. Children’s Services was notified and mom will receive a summons for Child Endangering.

Arrests Made

It has been round up time for theft suspects in Westlake this week as the Westlake Police Department reports arrests in robberies.

Two alleged copper thieves – caught on camera last summer at a Crocker Park construction site – turned themselves in on Jan. 12.

Thomas WALSH (49) and his wife Michelle WALSH (45), both of Garfield Hts., surrendered on Breaking and Entering warrants stemming from a July, 2015 incident. A number of callers unanimously IDed them as the suspects shown in the CCTV stills that were either broadcast by area media or posted on their websites shortly after the incident.

Thomas WALSH was a construction worker on the American Greetings job site, report police. They stole $2300 worth of copper wire and tools on July 24 around 8PM. The items were taken after the duo broke into an electrical room.

Another Arrest Made

In a more recent event, coming on the afternoon of Dec. 28, a Berea woman’s wallet was stolen from her desk at her Health Campus Dr. job. Her credit cards were used to make apprx. $645 worth of purchases at several locations. Police released photos to show that a fellow in some fine millinery used one of the stolen credit cards that same day at a Petco and a Best Buy, both in Strongsville.

Richard YEAROUT (46 years old of Lakewood) was arrested Jan. 14 after tipsters IDed him and provided his location in Westlake.

Noted was Yearout’s Ohio State colors. He was clad in a scarlet OSU shirt today (sans chapeau); he wore a gray one on the Dec. 28 offense date.

POLICE_Fairview Park_RGBThe Trouble with Alcohol

…A 38-year-old Fairview Park man .was arrested for DCI on Jan. 10 at 1:01AM at a Detroit Rd. gas station. His car was found later some distance away at a Dover Center Rd. saloon; how he got from the saloon to the gas station is unknown.

….A 53-year-old Walter Rd. man was arrested for DCI on Jan. 10 at 11:07PM. He had been throwing things around the house; he threatened to kill his father and assault the arresting officers. He also struggled against being handcuffed and so a Resisting Arrest charge was added.

….An intoxicated 54-year-old Fairview Park man consumed $80 worth of food and drink at a Detroit Rd. restaurant on Jan. 14 at 3:32PM, refused to pay his bill, and walked off. He was found nearby and was arrested for DCI and Petty Theft; he had no money on him.

Bold Thieves Strike in Fairview Park

January 5, 2016 Burglary – Police were called to a residence in the 4200 block of W. 214 on a reported burglary. The resident reported she had gotten a call from a neighbor while she was at work around 10:30 pm stating a vehicle was parked in her drive. The neighbor, at her request, checked the exterior of the residence and everything was locked up and the car was now gone. Upon arriving home from work around 2:40 am, the resident found a light off which she had left on in the house. She then discovered a large screen TV was missing and also that a home safe had been entered and money taken. The scene was processed by a police evidence technician and names were obtained from the victim of possible suspects. Detectives will be following up on the burglary.

January 6, 2016 Theft from Vehicle 0100 hrs – A resident in the 3900 block of W 213 St came home around 1 am and found a male going through his father’s vehicle in the driveway. The subject immediately fled through yards, was carrying a black trash bag. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate him. Loose change and a pair of sunglasses were missing from the car. While officers were searching, they were flagged down by another resident on W 212 St whose car was also entered and loose change taken. A third resident, also on W 212 St, called later to report the loss of loose change from her unlocked vehicle overnight.

Unlucky Wife

An officer on patrol near W 208 St/Lorain Rd on Jan. 18 observed a male stumbling back and forth on the sidewalk headed westbound. His coat was covered with snow on the left half as if he had fallen. The officer stopped the male to check on him as it was 8 degrees outside. The 40 year old Rocky River male had slurred speech, frozen saliva/mucous on his face and smelled strongly of an alcoholic beverage. He stated he was trying to make his way home in Rocky River from a bar at Kamm’s Corner. He was placed under arrest for Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication. Arrangements were made and he was turned over to his wife’s responsibility pending his appearance at Rocky River Municipal Court.

POLICE_Bay Village_RGBBay Fire Dept. Battles Overnight Home Blaze

DSC_8465-1On Friday January 15, 2016 at 3:21am, the Bay Village Police Department received a 911 phone call reporting that there was a home on fire in the 29000 block of Foote Road. Bay Village Police and Fire units were dispatched to the home. Bay Village FD personnel battled the blaze and were able to determine that there was no one inside the residence. Bay Police Officers located and secured the homeowner’s dog who was found running in the fenced-in backyard of the home. Eventually, contact was made with the homeowner, who responded to the residence to speak with investigators. Foul play is not suspected but an investigation is pending in regards to the cause of the fire.

Bay Woman Reports $10 Grand Stolen from Checking Account

Bay Village Police report that on 01/05/2016, at 2020 hrs, a Powell resident reported that someone accessed her checking account and stole over $10,000. Police are investigating.

On 01/06/2016, at 0103 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a vehicle on Wolf Rd. at Glen Park for a traffic violation. After speaking with the 22 yoa male driver, the officer suspected the driver had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result, the Bay Village resident was arrested for OVI. He will face charges at RRMC.

On 01/08/2016, at 1243 hrs, a resident in the 26000 block of Russell reported that someone had cut his Christmas lights. Officers gave the area special attention.

On 01/08/2016, at 1501 hrs, a resident in the 600 block of Bradley reported that someone used his identity in an attempt to open several credit cards. Police are investigating.

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