Panty Raid at Crocker Park

It wasn’t exactly like the boys from Sigma Chi feeling frisky, but there was a Panty Raid v. 2016 at Victoria’s Secret on Main St. in Crocker Park as Westlake Police have reported the theft of 50 pairs of panties worth $825 sometime on Jan. 15 or 16. Staff had no idea who could have taken them, say Westlake Police

Group TherapyPOLICE_Westlake_RGB

A carload of wanted persons drove by a patrolman on Columbia Rd. at 6:27 PM on Jan. 16. Their vehicle was stopped for a traffic violation; the 34-year-old Cleveland man driving was cited for Driving under Suspension (DUS), Possession of Marijuana, and had warrants from Rocky River, Highland Hills, Shaker Hts., and Cleveland Hts. PDs.  A passenger (24-year-old Cleveland man) was arrested on a Garfield Hts. warrant. Another passenger (23-year-old Shaker Hts. woman) gave false ID info and was arrested for MisID; she also has warrants from her hometown and Lyndhurst PDs. A 28-year-old Cleveland woman who is acquainted with these suspects drove by and stopped at the scene. She was also cited for DUS and both cars were towed.

Muddy Situation

A 33-year-old Westlake man reported that another male waved a handgun at him on Jan. 16 at 2:22AM. The suspect had followed the victim into his Westown Blvd. apartment complex and confronted him. The victim then drove off and got stuck in the mud. The suspect then offered to help push the vehicle free if the victim would not call the police. After the suspect left, the victim called WPD. The 29-year-old Cleveland suspect was arrested a short while later as he drove past the scene of the crime. He was charged with Agg. Menacing. The firearm was not located.

The Road Not Taken

A patrolling officer warned a 55-year-old Avon Lake man not to drive due to his intoxicated condition on Jan. 20 at 10:30PM. A word to the wise not being sufficient, the man drove out of a Detroit Rd. saloon parking lot shortly thereafter and was arrested for OVI. He refused to submit a breath sample.


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