Westlake has 5 Winners in Cleveland Clinic Expressions Program

Westlake High School had five winners in the Cleveland Clinic eXpressions Writing Program this year.

Senior Samantha Surber won a Blue Ribbon for “Matthew’s Heartbeat.” Sophomores Julia Phan and Rachel Zinram won Red Ribbons for “The Game” and “In Need,” respectively. Sophomore Adam Goyetche won a White Ribbon for “Fatigued.” Sophomore Alyssa Palumbo won an Honorable Mention for “Incurable.”

There were over 1,600 projects submitted to the program regionally. Wining students will have their award-winning projects featured in the Cleveland Clinic eXpressions catalogue and on the eXpression website, and their work will be displayed in the 2016 eXpressions Art, Language and Math eXhibition at the Global Center for Health Innovation. The exhibition opening will be held Thursday, Jan. 28.

The eXpressions program is an award-winning educational initiative that utilizes creative expression to engage high school students in the exploration of science and medicine. Through project-based, peer-to-peer learning, students translate research studies conducted by Cleveland Clinic high school interns, producing artistic, literary and mathematical interpretations of the science. In addition to providing participants with a deeper appreciation for science and its connections to other disciplines, eXpressions gives students and their teachers the chance to earn awards, exhibition opportunities, and even college credit.

See winning pieces at http://civiceducation.clevelandclinic.org/School-Based-Programs/Our-Programs/eXpressions-(1).aspx.

Westlake students are members of Amy Klenz’s and Ann Hasenohrl’s English classes.

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