Runaway Pig Taken into Westlake Protective Custody

A black pig presented herself at a Center Ridge Road business in Westlake on March 1 at 2 p.m. When questioned, Petunia (not Porky-we looked) was unable to grunt a good account of herself to Westlake Animal Control Officer (ACO) Jim WANG and was taken into protective custody.POLICE_Westlake_RGB

“Babe in the City” had no ID on her, but her putative residence has been located nearby. It appears that the Fred and Doris Ziffel homestead does not meet the minimum two acre lot size required to keep farm animals, report Westlake Police. There was no answer at the door on March 1 or 2; a note was left for the swineherd to contact WPD. A message was also left for the landlord.

No one has reported Piglet or Gub Gub missing. The property renters are also keeping Tom Turkeys, Chickens Little, Roger Rabbits, and even a Foghorn Leghorn (“Pay attention to me boy! I’m not just talkin’ to hear my head roar”).

Snowball and Napoleon of “Animal Farm” are unacquainted with him, and the Piggly Wiggly grocery chain reports he is not an employee.


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