Westlake Police: Funny Money Buys Tickets to Jail

Westlake Police: Funny Money Buys Tickets to Jail

It is illegal to spend counterfeit money. Unless you are buying a ticket to jail.

Yes, the family that passes funny money together goes to jail together. The story unfolded, say Westlake Police, when a  40-year-old Maple Hts. mom used $60 in counterfeit money to make purchases at Dave and Busters on the night of Feb. 26.POLICE_Westlake_RGB

Staff detected the bogus bills and called WPD. When the officer tried to question her, she pretended to talk on her cell phone and walked away from him.

She could not produce the credit card receipt she claimed to have for the purchase, claimed she was a Cleveland Clinic doctor (she is an IT worker), drives a nicer car than the officers, and then tried to pass her purse to her 21 and 24 year old daughters. Her 16-year-old son also swung on an officer, so jail became a family affair.

All this quality time together bought these family members the following:



Sonny=OBSTRUCTING OFFICIAL BUSINESS and ASSAULT ON A POLICE OFFICER.The next day, another bum $20 bill was found in the till from the cover charge of the night before. It bore the same serial number as the other three passed by the suspects.

Fake Social Security Letter

A Hilliard Blvd. woman reported receiving a letter from the Social Security Administration thanking her for setting up an online account. This was news to her; she reported the ID theft on Feb. 26 to WPD and to the FTC as well as the SSA.

Sound the Alarm

The alarm company for a Trenton Ct. homeowner reported a drop on Feb. 26 at 4:07PM. The patio door was found to have been forced. Nothing was taken. Two suspects cruising the neighborhood were stopped nearby; they could not be tied to the break-in, but were in possession of hypos and items stolen from a home improvement store. The driver (24-year-old Strongsville man) was charged with DUS, COMPLICITY to RSP, and also had 2 active warrants. The passenger (22-year-old Brook Park man) was arrested for POSSESSING DRUG ABUSE INSTRUMENTS, and RECEIVING STOLEN PROPERTY.

Man Kicks Daughter

A 37-year-old Westlake man kicked his 7-year-old daughter and got into a shouting match with his 35-year-old live-in girlfriend on Feb. 28. He left, but was arrested for DV a short while later at a nearby relative’s house.

Another Junkie Story

3 people were arrested in connection with the theft of toiletries from a Detroit Rd. store on Feb. 28. The manager suspected that a 34-year-old Elyria man had stolen similar items in the past and confronted him. An accomplice (28-year-old Elyria man) then left the store and set off the anti-theft system. Both got into a car driven by a 29-year-old Elyria woman who tried to hide her face from the manager. He provided the license plate to WPD. The female and younger male were found at their Elyria home later that day; he was arrested for drug abuse instruments, drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin, and petty theft. The female will receive a summons for Complicity to Petty Theft. The older male was arrested at his workplace in Grafton for Complicity to Petty Theft and Drug Abuse Instruments. He is also an admitted junkie. Lorain Co. Children’s Services was notified due to kids being present in the couple’s Elyria home-drug den.


A 33-year-old Westlake man stole $88 worth of property from a Vine St. store on Feb. 27. He was found nearby; in his car items worth another $90 were found. They had been stolen from a nearby store as well. He was charged with RSP and Petty Theft.

A 13-year-old Lakewood boy’s $200 cell phone was stolen from a Viking Pkwy. business on Feb. 27.

Domestic Violence

A 28-year-old Detroit Rd. woman reported that her 27-year-old live-in boyfriend had pushed her down and grabbed her on Feb. 28. He was stopped on I90 and arrested for DV.

A 39-year-old man from South Point, OH and his 37-year-old Columbia Rd. ex(?)-girlfriend have dueling TPOs against each other. Notwithstanding those judicial papers, they went out together on Feb. 28. He left her in Cleveland, took her car, and drove back to her house and let himself in. He was arrested for the TPO violation. She came home presently and was advised that the City Prosecutor would also consider a TPO Violation charge against her.

ID Thefts

A King Arthur Ct. man found that for the second year in a row, someone had filed a phony IRS return using his identity. The IRS will investigate; he notified WPD on Feb. 29.

A South Euclid woman’s temp tag was stolen off her 2011 Nissan Sentra on Feb. 27 while parked at a First St. business. She reported the theft on Feb. 29.

A guest using an apparently fake ID did $1021 worth of damage to t a Clemens Rd. hotel room on the night of Feb. 29. The TV, a/c, bed frames, and lights were all broken.



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