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POLICE_Westlake_DisclaimerWestlake Man Terrifies Children with Break-In Hoax

Westlake Police report that a 46 year old Pineview Drive father put his 14 and 16 year old sons to the test on April 14 at 4:05 p.m. by staging a break in at their home to see if his children would obey his demands to not let strangers in the house.

At the dad’s instigation, say Police, a 45 year old friend from Cleveland Hts. went to the front door and asked to be let in. The motive was to see if the boys followed a standing paternal order not to admit anyone except known relatives.

The younger son did let the friend in, who then acted the part of a recently released ex-con who was owed money by the father and made physical threats.

The scenario frightened the boys, who barricaded themselves in a bedroom, jumped out a second floor window onto the garage roof and then landed on the ground (precariously close to a sidewalk). The elder son suffered a minor scrape while exiting the home and then called 911 from a neighbor’s house.

Officers responded code 3 to the home, only to find that it was all a charade.

The friend, in contact with Dad by phone all the while, wanted to stop the role play as things had gone too far. Dad insisted that it play out, say Police. He also refused to acknowledge the emotional upset he had caused, instead referring to his son’s actions as an “epic fail”.

Both boys were commended by the responding officers for securing themselves from the threat and making good their escape. The City Prosecutor will consider Child Endangering charges against both adults.

Joseph Burke Law_WEB4Life in the Fast Lane

I-90 was the place to be for impaired driving on April 11. That morning, a 21 year old Bay Village man went off the road eastbound and mowed down an ODOT sign near Crocker Rd. He had some reefer and pot paraphernalia with him. He tested .170 by breath; final score OVI, BAC, POM, Drug Para.

In the evening, a 29 year-old Westlake woman hit another car (with 3 occupants) while westbound near Cahoon Rd. A 52-year old Avon woman passenger from the other car suffered at least a concussion and was transported to St. John Medical Center by WFD. The other passenger and driver were not hurt. The impaired driver was arrested for OVI, BAC (.173 by breath), Agg. Vehicular Assault, Speed, and Improper Lane Usage.

Dept. of Swindlers & Thieves

The owner of a Center Ridge Rd. business was swindled out of $3000 by a caller who demanded that sum in gift cards or the electric service would be shut off. After transmitting the money, the victim had doubts and found out that the caller was a phony. The loss occurred on April 11.

A Northwood Ln. woman replied to a phony PayPal email, leading to a number of charges being made on the associated credit card account. No amounts were specified; she reported the ID theft on April 13.

A Lincoln Rd. man received letters advising him that his credit card application hand been denied and that his $25,000 loan application had been received; he had sought neither. The ID theft was reported on April 13 and may be related to a data breach at RITA.

A Columbia Rd. man’s credit card was cloned and used to charge $581 worth of items at a North Olmsted store on March 7. He discovered the theft the next day and reported it.

A Northglen Dr. man found that his credit card was cloned and used in Ottawa Co. to make a $187 purchase. Two other attempts were declined at unknown locations; all took place on or about March 4. He reported the incidents on March 8.

Student Seriously Injured

A fight at Westlake High School on the afternoon of 4-12-16 between a 17 year old junior and an 18 year old sophomore resulted in the younger student’s being hospitalized with very serious head injuries, report Westlake Police.

The fight took place in a men’s washroom around 12:54PM. The younger student was found by staff and the WPD School Resource Officer and appeared lethargic; he was initially seen by the school nurse.

He was subsequently transported by family to Fairview Gen. and later airlifted to Metro Health.

The suspect, Deandrew SMITH of Westlake, turned himself in on 4-13-16 on a charge of Felonious Assault. His bond was set at $5000 and a no-contact order was issued. He posted bond that date and wasreleased; his next hearing is 4-19-16 in the Rocky River Municipal Court.

The case will be submitted to the Grand Jury for review.

Bad Behavior

A 35 year old Arizona man staying with his mom on Cedarwood Dr. got liquored up and threw patio furniture and other items off her balcony on March 8. He was arrested for DCI and also had warrants from Westlake and Bay Village PDs.

An intoxicated 44yoa man was sent on his way from a Detroit Rd. woman’s apartment on March 10 at 6:51PM; he went to another friend’s apartment. 90 minutes later he was back, pounding on her patio door. He was arrested for DCI.

When one truck driver asked another to move his rig at a First St. business on April 13, the second man (61yoa Westlaker) punched the first (58yoa from Euclid), breaking his eyeglasses and receiving a cut on his nose. The older man left, then came to the police station, where he was arrested for Assault.

An intoxicated 51yoa Westlake man’s invitation to go to a bar was not well received by a female motorist as she pulled into her Detroit Rd. parking lot on April 14. When confronted by officers, he threw his pot pipe away. He was arrested for DCI, Drug Paraphernalia, and Attempted Tampering with Evidence.

POLICE_Bay Village_Disclaimer‘Good Neighbor’ Hoax

A ‘Good Neighbor’ hoax surfaced in Bay Village on April 11 at 1137 hours when a Juneway resident reported that on April 9, a male came to his house and claimed he had just purchased the home across the street.

The visitor claimed he needed $22.00 to have his vehicle repaired. The homeowner gave the visitor $30.00 with the understanding that it would be repaid.

After not hearing from the visitor for several days, or seeing any activity at house, the homeowner decided he had been scammed. He described the visitor as a W/M, 40-45 yoa, 5’10”, 175 lbs. with brown hair (receding hair line) and a beard. He was wearing dark rimmed glasses and driving a 2005-2007 Oldsmobile Alero. If anyone has had a similar encounter please contact BVPD at 440-871-1234.

Looking for Help

On 04/12/2016, at 0052 hrs, a resident in the 26000 block of Lake Rd. called BVPD to report she believed someone had knocked on her door, and the person now walking down the street. Responding officer located an illegally parked car on Parkside, and shortly thereafter were flagged down by a female walking down Lake Forest. The female indicated that her car had broken down, and she was knocking on doors looking for help. The officers suspected the female was intoxicated. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result the female was arrested for Disorderly Conduct-Intoxicated. She will face charges at RRMC.

Mystery Bell

A huge sigh of relief was heard throughout Bay Village after the Cahoon Family Bell at Rose Hill Museum was thought to be lost last weekend, but ended up accounted for. “The Cahoon bell has been found,” says the Bay Village Historical Society after the bell was noticed to be missing from its post on Sunday. “The fine gentlemen at the Service Department removed it to replace the post, which was beginning to show signs of rot. A huge sigh of relief, and an even bigger thanks, to our city’s Service Department.”

Uber Trouble

On 04/23/2016, at 0334 hrs, a BVPD officer stopped a female who was walking on Lake Rd. at Fordham. After speaking with the 22 yoa female the officer suspected she was intoxicated. She admitted that she was, and that she had been in an Uber vehicle when the driver suddenly dropped her off on Lake Rd. away from her house. She indicated that she had a friend on the way to pick her up. When her ride arrived on scene police suspected that he had been drinking. Field sobriety tests were administered, and as a result the 26 yoa driver was arrested for OVI. The Bay Village resident will face charges at RRMC. The female made other arrangements for a ride home.

New ‘No Turn on Red’ Signs in Bay

Bay Village has erected new No Turn on Red signs at various intersections within the City. The new signs prohibit turning right on a red light at the noted intersections during school days from 7a-9a and from 2p-4p. Please take note of these new signs and help to insure the safety of students as they go to and from school.

POLICE_Fairview Park_DisclaimerKnife Threats

Police responded to the Swinging Door Lounge after receiving a 911 call of a male in the parking lot threatening patrons with a knife on April 13.. The first arriving officer located the subject in an alley and called out to him. The male responded and reached into his coat and pulled out a knife that was still folded shut. He was ordered to the ground, initially refusing, but complied after the officer drew his Taser. He was detained while officers spoke with employees and patrons. It was found that he was cut off from any alcohol due to “odd” behavior and then became belligerent, yelling profanities, shoving a female employee, and then threatening people after pulling out his knife. He was ultimately arrested for Assault, Aggravated Menacing and Disorderly Conduct: Intoxication. He was released on bond late morning of the next day pending his appearance in Rocky River Municipal Court.


A Balmoral Way home was burgled by breaking a window on April 15. Cash and jewelry were stolen from a safe that was forced open.

An 18yoa Elyria woman stole $40 worth of property from a Detroit Rd. store on April 15. She was caught by store staff and arrested for Petty Theft.

Two Dover Elem. School teachers had cash stolen from their purses on April 15. The purses were in the respective teacher’s classrooms.

An intoxicated 30yoa Mexican national male caused a disturbance at a Columbia Rd. restaurant on April 17 and was kicked out by staff. Officers found him nearby and arrested him for DCI. He was released to CBP when he sobered up.

A Chadwick Ct. boy’s scooter was taken from Dover Elem. School on April 18. It was located later that day at the High School.

A 52yoa Bradley Rd. man hit his 44yoa wife in the face on April 19 after they argued over housekeeping. He was arrested for DV.

The wires on a Painesville man’s commercial mower were cut on April 18 while it was unattended at a Crocker Rd. jobsite. He suspects a competitor in the landscaping business.

$283 worth of merchandise was stolen from a Detroit Rd. store on April 21. The suspects are two black females in their 20s-30s. One female wore a black/gray raincoat, black pants, and eyeglasses. The other had on a maroon or pink coat and black pants.

A Smith Ave. woman was contacted by the issuing bank about odd transactions on her grocery store credit card. Since she had never applied for such a card, she reported that matter to WPD on April 21. Someone in MI made $1000 in charges on the same day the card was issued.

A 53yoa Center Ridge Rd. woman pushed her 52yoa female household member down on April 21, causing a knee injury. The elder female was arrested for DV.

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