Westlake Schools to Teachers: “We Presented Our Last Best Offer April 29…”

Westlake Schools has released a statement on current teacher negotiations, saying the “last, best and final offer” was extended April 29.

Here is the statement:


Public comments to the BOE have focused on current teacher negotiations.

“The Westlake City School District has been negotiating with the Westlake Teachers Association (WTA) for nearly a year, trying to reach an appropriate and equitable contract for the next three years.  In fact, we began meeting in May 2015 and we have bargained in good faith, offering many options in salary and benefits.

“The Board of Education is committed to resolving the ongoing issue of deficit spending in the district. Eighty percent of any school district’s budget is made up of salaries and benefits, and the community has expressed multiple times that it is not willing to increase local operating dollars.

“We presented our last best and final offer April 29 that includes salary increases, along with some health care concessions to address those increases.

“We value our teachers, our families and all of our staff, and we have to balance the needs of our schools with the reality of our budget. Negotiations are not easy, but we have worked hard to be communicative, fair and fiscally responsible.”