Kyle Yu Named National Geography Bee JV Champion

WHS gifted specialist Anne Dill and Westlake High School sophomore Kyle Yu.

WHS gifted specialist Anne Dill and Westlake High School sophomore Kyle Yu.

Westlake High School sophomore Kyle Yu is the National 2016 U.S. Geography Olympiad Junior Varsity Champion.

Kyle participated in the Geography Olympiad on April 22 in Arlington, Virginia, with about 100 students from across the nation. He qualified for the national competition with his score on a timed, written exam taken earlier in April. As a sophomore, Kyle was eligible to compete in the Junior Varsity division.

The Geography Olympiad was founded in 2012 as a nationwide competition to test the geography skills of American students and to help foster geography education throughout the United States.

“Kyle volunteers his time and energy to helping everyone around him excel, whether it involves music, math contests or other academic challenge events,” said WHS gifted specialist Anne Dill. “Kyle always has a positive attitude and reminds everyone to stay calm and focused while remembering to have fun.”

Kyle is a two-time finalist in the National Geography Bee, where he represented Ohio. He volunteers his time to help Dill coach the younger school Geography Bee winners, who advanced to the state Geography Bee in Columbus over the past two years. They were Logan Evans, Brendan Kiskorna and Christopher Haddad, who placed seventh in Ohio in last month’s state Geography Bee.


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