Fairview Park Police: Officers Save Jumper

POLICE_Fairview Park_DisclaimerPolice received a report of a male who was on the outside railing of the Lorain Rd Bridge. Upon arrival, officers found that the male was indeed holding onto a pole on the outside of the railing. Officers engaged the male in conversation trying to coax him to voluntarily come onto the correct side. The male became increasingly agitated, and as he turned and tensed to jump, all three officers grabbed him and were able to pull him onto the sidewalk and restrain him until paramedics arrived. They transported the 46 year old North Olmsted resident to Fairview Hospital.

Criminal Damage

Police were called to a residence on W 204 St when the resident reported that his truck was damaged while parked at W 204/Lorain. He came out after an appointment and found the door to his truck had been spray painted. Officers are awaiting video from a nearby business which may have caught the suspects engaged in the criminal activity.

Warrant/Drug Law Violation

An officer on patrol at Westgate, while monitoring for suspicious activity, observed a vehicle pull into a parking spot and the male went into Kohls. The officer noticed the license sticker had expired in December. Upon running the plate to confirm this, he discovered the owner, who matched the person seen exiting, was under suspension and had an outstanding traffic warrant from Lakewood PD. The officer went into Kohls and located the male, arresting him on the warrant. When doing a search of his property, he found suspected cocaine in the male’s wallet. A subsequent inventory of his car yielded the discovery of another baggie of suspected cocaine. The male was held for court on Possession of Cocaine charges after the drugs located tested positive via a NIK drug test.

Auto Theft

An employee of Drellishak’s Auto Repair at W 227/Lorain called to report a customer’s vehicle was gone through while parked in the lot. Taken from the car was a jar of loose change. No suspects at time of report.

A Cromwell Ave resident called reporting the theft of her temporary tag from the rear of her vehicle. She had been to various locations throughout the day, but at around 11:30 pm noticed the tag was gone. No suspects at time of report.

Counterfeit Bill

Giant Eagle reported they discovered a counterfeit $10 bill while counting the days receipts. It is not known which register received the bill and there are no known suspects. The bill was taken as evidence and will be forwarded to the U.S. Secret Service – Treasury Department which has jurisdiction over counterfeit bill cases.

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